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Operation Pop-a-Smurf rescues 26 from sex trafficking; 21 arrested, 8 still wanted

Police have been working on a case for two years they called “Operation Pop-a-Smurf” that resulted in the arrest of 21 individuals that were working together to hold 25 women and a minor for prostitution in Orlando.  The organization advertised on for sex and then used the abducted women to perform the services.
Keith “Smurf” Hamlet, who is suspected of heading the operation was arrested with 20 others for drugs and human sex trafficking.  Edward “Man-Man” Redmond, is also wanted.

“He has six felony convictions,” Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi told My news 13. “Guns were confiscated in this operation. Drugs were confiscated. He’s dangerous. Please be on the lookout.”

Go to this link to see photos and description of the 8 people that are still wanted by police.  There is rewards for their capture.

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