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Bronx employee goes missing; body found in hospital bathroom five days later

A Bronx hospital has a lot of explaining to do when one of their employees was found dead in a bathroom five days after they went missing.

Anthony Iuso, 44,  was last heard from on Thursday by his brother. Iuso who worked at the Montefiore Medical Center stopped at a third-floor bathroom before heading to the ER to get his finger attended to after he injured it, and seemingly disappeared. 

Iuso, didn’t show back up at the floor he worked at, and he never came home.  His family reported him missing on Friday and continued to call his cell phone but he never answered.  The family came to the hospital on Monday asking questions and looking for him and no one had any answers.

Then on Monday afternoon Iuso was found dead inside a public restroom.  The door was locked and finally someone with a key open it and found Iuso’s body. 

“He went in the bathroom and he never came out,” Iuso’s father told the New York Post. 

Police believe that Iuso died of natural causes but an autopsy is pending. 

The family believes the hospital could have done more to find him and are planning on suing the hospital.

“We want to find out what went on and why they waited five days to find him.  Why they never checked a video to see where he went?”

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