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Body of missing Manchester woman found in closet crawl space

The body of a woman  who has been missing from New Hampshire since September has been found in a crawl space inside a closet.

Sue Hutchinson, 57, was last seen at her apartment on Calef Road in Manchester and she was reported missing on Sept. 20, 2015.

Her roommate, Stephen Andrade, 36, who was dating Sue’s daughter, went missing when Sue did, but was found in a motel room in Tewksbury on Oct. 6, dead of apparent suicide from shooting himself in the head.

Authorities stated he told someone that he had hid Sue’s body but the police were not able to find her.

Then after  a foul order was reported coming from Sue’s apartment, further search revealed a false wall the size of a crawl space hidden inside a closet where Sue’s body had been all along.

Of course a coroner will get a positive identification but it is believed to be Sue.

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