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Kristi Richardson trucking business owner missing for a year

Kristi Richardson

Missing Person Wyoming Kristi Richardson

Kristi Richardson, 62, has been missing from Wyoming since October 7, 2014.  Kristi, a widower after her husband died in 2013, owned a trucking business in Casper, Wyoming.  She was last seen driving to her daughter’s home who lived down the street to drop off a birthday card.  Later that evening phone records showed that Kristi took a phone call from one of her drivers.  At 11 p.m., a call came in from a vendor went but Kristi did not answer it.  Furthermore, Kristi did not show up for work the next day.  Her daughter, Amber Fazio went to her house to look for her and found her house locked up and nothing disturbed.  In her home was her purse with her ID and $800 cash in it and her cellphone.    

Authorities have talked with a former employee of Kristi’s who wanted to have a romantic relationship with her.  He has unexplained gaps in his story,” according to a source.  

Kristi Richardson
Kristi Richardson

“Do I think that it’s someone from outside the area?  Not really, but maybe, like a disgruntled customer or someone from a rival company that may not be in this area,” said Sherif Freel.

The reward for information leading to Kristi’s disappearance has been increased to $250,000.  In 2014, the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation took  over Kristi Richardson’s missing persons case

If you have any information to her whereabouts, please call 307-235-8202 or leave an anonymous tip here.  
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