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Roger Chambers missing from North Carolina since 2010.

Roger Jermaine Chambers has been missing since Sept. 4, 2010 from Raeford, North Carolina.  He was last seen by a family friend after arriving in the Red Springs area in Hoke County.

He told his family that he had an appointment and was never heard from again.  He was last seen at a gas station near Red Springs.

Roger’s car has been found and there has been no activity on his bank accounts or credit cards.  He has not been in touch with his children, and he has not gone to work where before he rarely missed a day.

Cynthia Chamber’s Roger’s wife said she called him at 9:48 p.m. and it went straight to voice mail.  When she woke up at 2 that morning he still was not home. 

Roger was last seen wearing black khaki shorts, black polo shirt with red logo, black and red tennis shoes.  He was driving a green 1993 four-door Toyota Camry with chrome rims and paint peeling off the hood.  That car was found.

Roger has keloid scars on his left and right shoulder and right leg and a mole on the back of right leg that looks like a tick.

If you have any information, please call the Hoke County Sheriff at 910-875-5111. 

Roger’s Facebook page

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