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Donny Connell: Sister asks everyone to share her brother’s missing story

Donny Connell has been missing from Middletown, Rhode Island since 1977.

Anita, Donny’s sister has posted this:

Off my lips and into the air is a Happy Birthday wish and kiss for My MISSING BROTHER Donny Connell. May my wishes find you wrapped in warmth and love.

(Donald J. Connell b.10.31.58 in Newport, R.I.) A Graduate of Middletown High School Class of 1977 in Middletown, Rhode Island. You were put on the National Data base by the Newport Police Department some 30+ years ago when you vanished from Newport, R.I. Being over 21 and considered an adult meant no professional would inspect your room or belongings for evidence, clues or DNA (which was a relatively new field with limited resources at the time).

There would be no community outpouring for searches/answers, your disappearance was not published. Therefore, No Newspaper or Media Attention.

Although we have tried in conjunction with each other; It seems the Newport Police Detectives and your family need an act of congress in order to get your dental/medical records from the United States Marine Corps which could lead to a match from a ‘John Doe’ missing persons data base. Yet we search, hope, and dream of finding you.

 I post this every year knowing that a SHARED plea on Facebook has aided others with resources/results. The right ‘eyes’ could come from his school friends, his town, local news, Aquidneck Island, RI Community or The Facebook Community; which could create the proverbial ‘Domino Effect’ and open this Missing Persons Cold Case with a new lead, Investigation or direction.

No detail or insight is to small!!! *Any class pictures of him uploaded from the class of MHS 1977 yearbook or pictures/articles of Sports Clippings from The Newport Daily News would be helpful.

Please friend’s, Facebook is powerful. ONE SHARE (or TAG) may lead the detectives or his family with the assistance from media, a special investigator or in the forwarding of his USMC medical records (Dental or otherwise) to the Newport Police Department Detective Division, Newport, RI.

**Thank you to the Three People who SHARED last year’s post!”

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