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Pauley Perrette turns to Twitter after being punched repeatedly by a homeless man

Drawing done by Pauley – David Merck on the right

UPDATE 11/18/15 – The homeless man that allegedly attacked Pauley Perrette has been identified as David Merck, 45,  who has been missing for 14 years, reports ABC-7 news.  Jaimie Merck, David’s daughter told ABC-7 that  she did not remember her dad being violent, but she was very young when he went missing.  Jaimie wants to visit her dad and has reached out, but the family has told her that he may be “too far gone.”  That does not change Jaimie’s mind as she wants to help him and hopefully have him come home.  A sentiment shared by most children of missing homeless parents  and parents of missing homeless children.

Original story:  Pauley Perrette, an actress who plays Abby Sciuto on CBS’ show NCIS, had what she calls a “life changing” experience after she was punched by a man as she was crossing the street in Hollywood.

Pauley who is known to be an advocate for missing and homeless people.  She started following Missing Persons of America on Twitter when she was helping spread the word about Lacey Brooks that went missing in 2012, and was found safe in 2013.

According to Pauley she was “shaken and traumatized by the event and explained what happened to her by showing a screen capture of the story that she had typed out.  She wrote a ‘very psychotic homeless man….grabbed me so forcefully, pinned my arm, punched me in the nose, forehead repeatedly telling me he was going to kill me.”

Pauley had just walked across the street to meet her architect to talk about a new guest house she had just purchased.

Pauley went into survival mode and told the man, “William is a beautiful name, I have a little nephew named William.” But, it didn’t help, as the man just began punching her again, but then again maybe it did, because all of the sudden he stopped and told her to “get the f… out of here.”

Many of us help the homeless by simply offering them a little money or blankets during the winter, to serving them food at a homeless shelter.  As we do this, we can’t help but notice that some are not mentally sound.  We say to ourselves, as long as they don’t hurt anyone they are okay.  But, poor Pauley found out what can happen when a homeless person has a psychotic break, which I can only guess is what happened to the man.

“We need full mental health care.  We need housing and help for the homeless.”

The Los Angeles Police Department did find the man that assaulted her and arrested him on suspicion of felony battery.  LAPD officer Ricardo Hernandez told FOX411 that the man’s name was David Merck.  He is being held on $100,00 bail.  Merck is a known transient with past confrontations with the police.

Pauley ended her note by stating, “I almost died tonight.”

Her list of followers on Twitter have posted their support and are glad that she is okay.

Jon Cryer posted, “Oh God, terrifying.  Be safe. Be Strong. And don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

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