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Teen goes missing on way to airport, luggage found in ditch

Katelin Akens

Missing Person Spotsylvania Katelin Akens

6/11/21 – Still Missing
As of August 2018, Katelin Akens is still missing.

Katelin Akens, 19, is missing after her father dropped her off at the Springfield Town Center mall in Virginia before she was suppose to catch a plan back to Arizona on December 4, 2015.

Katelin Akens
Katelin Akens

Katelin’s mom, Lisa Sullivan said she dropped her off at her stepdad’s home on Saturday and he was to take her to the airport so she could fly to Las Vegas at 5:40 p.m.  Katelin’s fiancé, Amber Rios would then pick her up and drive them back to their home in Lake Havasu City in Arizona.  Katelin’s stepdad said Katelin wanted to go to the Springfield Town Center mall first, and she would take the Franconia/Springfield metro to the airport.

“She never got on that flight,” Sullivan told Dateline. “We just haven’t heard anything and I’m really concerned for her safety at this point, like any other mother would be.”Authorities in Spotsylvania, Virginia state they can not corroborate the Katelin’s stepdad was in the area of the mall that day and there is no video of Katelin or her dad at the mall, BUT there were no surveillance cameras in that area of the mallthat the stepdad said he was.  Investigators later said the young woman never made it to the airport, and her phone never left the Fredericksburg region. They do state though they positively know that the stepdad’s car was in the area of the mall, but they cannot confirm he, himself, was there.  Then later that week authorities stated they did have surveillance evidence that her stepdad dropped her off.  He has refused to take a polygraph test.

Katelin Adkens
Katelin Adkens
In a shocking twist, Katelin’s luggage was found in a drainage with on River Road near Fredericksburg Virginia, two days later.  Her wallet, ID, credit cards, cash glasses, phone charger and an old plane ticket was with the luggage said Katelin’s sister, Gabrielle Akens to 8 News.  The cell phone was not there but it goes straight to voice mail.
Heather Ciccone, 21,  from Fredericksburg was found shot to death inside her car on Sunday night.  The police are not stating the two cases are connected.

Katelin has a tattoo on her right foot with several stars and several large butterfly’s on her left arm, she was wearing a black “Bass Pro” brand fleece jacket, black pants, black and pink “Vanns” brand shoes, ears are gauged/pierced and glasses (dark frame) per NAMUS.If you have any information about Katelin, please call the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office at 540-582-7115.

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