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James Bear Horn missing while traveling from California to North Carolina

James “Bear” Daniel Horn, 32, from Willits, California went missing while traveling to North Carolina around August 2014.

“My Brother James Daniel Horn “BEAR” has been missing now for over a year. We have had no luck in finding him. Please anybody that knows where he is or maybe know what happened, please contact me via email.….. Very recognizable person. BEAR paw tattoo with feather hanging off the bottom on his face. Warrior Bird tattooed on his neck. Dream Catcher on the back of his head. “NCN”(NorCal N8V) tattooed on his stomach with a chief as well. “Mendocino Outlaw” on the back biceps. Last seen he was bald….. Please if anybody knows, please email me ASAP. Please pass around my N8V Brothers And Sisters. Help bring home my brother. Any kind of info helps. My email again is … Please Share this. EVERY SHARE COULD HELP US,” said his brother, Louis.

James is Native American  with dark brown, blond hair.  Please contact above or leave a tip here.  Thanks!

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