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Is John Beck missing or taking a holiday?

John Beck, 73, from Alameda went missing from San Francisco on Feb. 9, 2016. A surveillance camera at the station catches Beck getting off the BART heading to San Francisco. According to the Chronicle the police were not able to get any surveillance photo from the train car as the cameras are not real. The police are stating they are “inoperable.” BART officials told the Chronicle that they were either fakes or did not work, but had plans to replace the “decoy cameras” with real ones.

John Beck’s name may be familiar to some as he is facing a $113 million judgment from the Federal Trade Commission over a infomercial scam. Beck retired in Riverside as a construction worker a few years back, and continued to sell the “John Beck’s Free and Clear Real Estate System” where he would coach people how to buy homes at government tax sale auctions and “flip” them which would turn whoever bought his DVD or his coaching service into a “wealthy real estate tycoon.”  In 2009, The Federal Trade Commission sued Beck and five other people stating they allegedly scammed hundreds of thousands of consumers, reports the ContracostaTimes.  The FCC says people spent a $92 million on  the John Beck system and $175 million on his coaching sessions, according to the FTC complaint.  Beck was to appear in bankruptcy court in Oakland on the day he went missing, to see if he could keep his four real estate properties that the FTC won with a judgement against him in 2012.

Laura Beck, Beck’s daughter is hopeful that her dad is still somewhere out there.  An Instagram photo that turned up showing a man hiking the trail near Lands End that looked similar to Beck, brought renewed hope that he was.

The photo:  “Many volunteers have been looking through Instagram hoping to find pictures in which my dad might have inadvertently appeared near the locations (sutro baths and baker beach) we’ve been looking. Today we found one photo posted on the day of his disappearance that shows him walking along the coastal trail.

But, whether he is in some homeless shelter or on vacation is unknown and many on social media are debating many theories.  The package that he is carrying in the BART photo has also been questioned, as many are wondering if it held money, but since he was going to court it would seem logical he was carrying documents.

“Would be simple enough to jump a private jet to the Caribbean, if you are not on any watch list,” posted j denham8+sfg.

But, according to Laura Beck, her dad did not have his passport and he has not accessed his bank account or used his credit cards, and his cell phone has been turned off.

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    1. Nah, he is probably dead. Specially if he was the man in that last photo. He perhaps camped for the night in that area and shot himself while swimming in that water. The high currents there usually take objects very far away. Poor fellow, he did help some people I know though. The racing thoughts in his head must of drove him to suicide as to me is the only cause.

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