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Akron man is missing; police find people and meth lab in his home

robertcharlesdavisPolice were sent to the home of Robert Charles Davis, Jr, 58, of Akron for a welfare check when his friend could not reach him and instead of finding Charles they found a meth lab.

When police arrived they saw someone turn off a light. They went around to the back of the house and caught a man running out of the home. Another man was seen through the widow stuffing items inside a couch. A Eric D. Campbell answered the front door and the officers asked to come in and when they did they found tubing and coffee filters in plain sight, according to ABC 5 news. Davis friend told ABC 5 news that when she arrived at Davis’ home the police told her they found a meth lab.

Charles could not be located at the residence and the police are looking for him. If you know his location please call the Akron police at 330-375-2490.Ak

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