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Remains of Milwaukee teen who went missing in 2014 has been found; police calling it homicide

Skeletal remains found behind the Arthur A. Fletcher Elementary School at 96th Street and Allyn have been identified as belonging to Stephanie Myles, 18, who went missing from Brown Deer, Wisc. in 2014. Stephanie left her home on Dec. 13 to walk to Walgreens around the corner, but she never returned. Stephanie had left her 1-year-old son at home when she left. She had already bought presents for him for Christmas, and the family didn’t believe she would have just walked away. Coats told TMJ 4 that her sister has a mental delay that challenges her decision-making skills. Lt. Stanmeyer said the family did not indicate that Myles had any conditions when they first filed the report.

“They have since conveyed that she is mentally challenged, however that hasn’t been independently verified,” Stanmeyer told Newsone.

The remains were found by two people searching for deer antlers.

The Milwaukee police stated they are treating her death as a homicide according to WISN news.

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