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Month: February 2016

Kentucky sheriff opens up cold case asks for public’s help

Evidence has been found in the Anna Lee Manning case. Boyle County Deputy Phillip Dean began working on the case back in February and on Tuesday the police searched a property on Spring Valley Road that is owned by Anthony Manning’s father reports LEX18 news. “This morning I saw all the cop cars come in […]

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Train crashes into BMW left on tracks by unknown person

The police are searching for a man or woman who apparently drove a BMW onto the train tracks in San Diego County and abandoned it. On Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. the train engineer of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe train saw the car on the tracks, but could not stop it. Luckily, no one was […]

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Utah baby goes missing; found on golf course

Luckily a one-year-old was found safe after she went missing in South Jordan, Utah. The baby whose identity has not been released was being watched by her 17-year-old babysitter. The teen went to the restroom and after she went to check on the baby and found her gone. She searched for her and then called […]

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Torso found in Fremont may belong to missing woman

UPDATE 3/2/16 – Coroner’s investigators used a right thumbprint from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to identify the headless remains found a few weeks back as belonging to Shelly. The remains of a woman that has been missing since February 13 may have been found in Fremont, reports ABC News.  Shelly Titchener, 57, was […]

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Is John Beck missing or taking a holiday?

John Beck, 73, from Alameda went missing from San Francisco on Feb. 9, 2016. A surveillance camera at the station catches Beck getting off the BART heading to San Francisco. According to the Chronicle the police were not able to get any surveillance photo from the train car as the cameras are not real. The […]

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Jane Doe found in Hyde Park in 1994 finally identified

The body of a woman found in the Stony Brook Reservation in Hyde Park 22-years ago has finally been identified. Milagros “Millie” Alvarado went missing from Fitchburg, Mass. in 1994. Her family never knew what happened to her.  At the same time an unidentified body was found in Hyde Park which was later buried as […]

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Syracuse dad texts wife he won’t pick her up and disappears with daughter

UPDATE 2/23/16 –A body found in the water is believed to be Maddox.  She was found in the Inner Harbor in Syracuse Tuesday afternoon.  The medical examiner will make a positive identification. UPDATE 2/22/16 -A man was taken into custody in Baldwinsville, Onondaga County, after a tip lead to his location.  He matched the description […]

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Stanley Wright Jazz musician found inside storage trunk

Missing Person New York UPDATE:  It was found that Stanley had been stabbed.   “The trunk, a family heirloom, was in the basement, where a back window had been shattered. The home was a mess, and Wright’s gray Jeep was gone – yet several pricey instruments were left untouched,” reports the New York Daily News.  […]

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Deaf woman last seen in Jacksonville; car found in parking lot

Kerry Jones, 46, went missing on Feb. 6, 2016 from Florida.  The authorities are asking the public if they are located near the 12300 block of Mandarin Road or 12200 block of San Jose Blvd., in Jacksonville and had a surveillance video hooked up between the days of Feb. 6, and Feb. 16, to contact […]

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