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Butler County Coroner asks for help identifying remains


Back in 2015 three boys came across a human skull while walking behind their home in West Chester Township, Ohio. One of the boys picked up the skull not quite sure it was real and took it home. Their dad, Randy Wilhelm called the police. Over the next several days, officials recovered more than 200 bones near Gregory Creek.  Although the police had little to go on they did have the jaw bone that showed a set of false teeth so rare that only 272 providers have purchased them. Even though a letter was sent to all of the providers at this time only 40 have responded.


As of 2016, the remains have not been identified and the Butler County Coroner’s office has released photos of clothing found near the remains showing a black boot, jeans and a shirt and a blue tote back along with dental X-rays in hopes that someone might recognize them.

They believe the woman was between 35 and 60 years old and she had brown hair with gray in it. They estimated she was around 5’6” tall.  The biggest clue is the very expensive and unusual dentures. The woman’s cause of death has not been determined but there is no evidence to suggest foul play, Schneider said.

The West Chester Jane Doe is referenced as VICTIM 15-00761

If you have any information, call the Butler County Coroner’s Office at 513-785-5860 or email

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