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Brandy Hanna missing from Charleston since 2005

UPDATE:  12/21/16 – The police have arrested Hanna’ boyfriend.  Garland “Zeke” Lankford faces one count of obstruction, after the police questioned him again and found his story changed.  Lankford is now stating he may have gone to Brandy’s apartment the night she went missing, after the police told them they knew he did not work that night.

Lankford is currently in the Berkeley County jail facing charges of first-degree criminal sexual misconduct for molesting a child.  The police questioned Lankford again about Brandy’s disappearance and found a lot of inconsistencies in his story, reports the Post and Courier.

Original story:  Brandy Hanna, 32, went missing on May 20, 2005.  Brandy was working at Alex’s Restaurant on Dorchester Road in South Carolina. The family and police know that Brandy worked her shift then got a ride home with a customer. Later she talked with her mom on the phone. Brandy sent a text message to a friend around 8 p.m. and checked her voicemail less than an hour later. Thirty minutes after that, she sent a text to a boyfriend. Then around 10:30 p.m., the friend she had texted earlier showed up and knocked on Brandy’s door. There was no answer. She has been missing every since.

In 2011, a shoe was found near her apartment with mud on it, but DNA was inconclusive.

Brandy has a tattoo of a sun on her right shoulder and a tattoo of a heart between her thumb and forefinger of her right hand. She has a gap in between her front teeth and also her teeth are crooked. Brandy is 5’9” tall, 115 pounds with sandy hair and blue eyes.  If you have any information you can call the North Charleston Police Dept. at 843-745-1015 or leave an anonymous tip here.


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