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Remains of missing Hall of Fame cyclist found after 7 years

michaelrust2Michael Damian Rust, 62, was reported missing from Saguache County, Colo. in 2009. Rust was following tracks to see if he could find out who burglarized his home, reports the Denver 7 News. He called a friend and told him that when he got back from the grocery store someone had gotten into his house and he was following the tracks. That was the last anyone had heard from him.

Authorities went to Rust’s home after he was reported missing and found a vest with blood on it and a broken gun grip, a set of car tracks, which led the authorities to believe that maybe two people were involved in Rust’s disappearance according to the Gazette and the Post.

Then in January remains were found off U.S. Highway 285 and were later identified as belonging to Rust. Finally he has been found, but how he died has not be revealed. Plus, the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office stated they received information that led them to where Rust was found, but they have not said where that info came from.

michaelrustRust was a well known cyclist and was inducted in to the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame in 1991. Paul said his brother played a large role in the mountain bike movement. He told Denver 7 news:

“He was a mountain bike pioneer, back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, he developed mountain bikes along with some other people who were working on the development of mountain bikes in California.”

A documentary was made on his life called “The Rider and the Wolf,” which is about how he contributed to the sport and his disappearance. Nathan Ward produced the film and it will be shown in Denver on June 22 at the Oriental Theater.

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