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Wisconsin police looking for mom and her three sons FOUND

UPDATE: 5/24/16 -City of Lake Geneva Police Department, 4 hours ago
“We can confirm at this time that Michalene Melges and her three sons have been located and are safe in Georgia. We will offer further updates at the appropriate time. We would like to thank the media and citizens for their concern and assistance in this matter.” We now know that Michalene  has been charged with interference with child custody and misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and contributing to truancy, according to Lake Geneva police and Walworth County, Wis., court records.

Original story:  Lake Geneva police are asking for the public’s help locating Michelene Melges, 40, and her children, Hans Melges, 14, Kristian “Max” Melges, 12,  and  Maverik “Buddy” Melges, 10, who were last seen in the 900 block of South Lakeshore Drive in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin as they were leaving home, according to the police.  Michalene rented a van in Lake Bluff, Ill. on May 9 and the van was returned to the rental company in Plano, Texas on May 13.  They have not contacted anyone since.

They may be with their two dogs; King, a black English lab and Gigi aka Geneva a white Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 262-248-4455.

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  1. I just read a report where the police stated that “Melges is divorced and is reportedly in violation of child custody rules, authorities said. Authorities said foul play is not suspected. Police also said there is no evidence that she is keeping her children from her husband.”

    That seems contradictory to me. Either she is keeping the children from her husband in “violation of child custody rules” or they are the victims of “foul play”. I do not see another option. The van was returned over 900-miles away from its starting point so the vehicle has been accounted for, precluding the possibility that there was an accident and the family ended up in the bottom of a ravine, canyon, lake, or cliff. This is very peculiar. Prayers for the family and their friends. God Bless.

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