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Sacramento father and daughter disappear on the road FOUND

kylerjacksonUPDAET 6/4/16 – It has been determined that the vehicle Kyler was driving made a sharp turn and went down an embankment and struck a tree before sliding into the slough, investigators said. The fact that Kyler was not familiar with the road could have resulted in the accident.  An official coroner report on cause of death will be done, and police are also going to go over review video that is on the bridge. Kyler’s father stated that Kyler never missed a custody visit with his daughter and was a good father.  RIP Kyler and Kaylee.


UPDATE 5/29/16 – Kaylee Jackson was found dead in the Georgiana Slough about a half-mile from where her father’s body was recovered, KTXL reported.

UPDATE:  5/29/16 – The body of Kyler Jackson has been found in the Georgiana Slough in Walnut Grove, Calif. early Saturday evening.  His car and baby Kaylee are still missing.  Divers have gone into the water to search for the car.  Divers did come across a large metal object in the water last night near Andrus Island Road and the Walnut Grove Bridge, but were not able to identify it and will resume their search Sunday morning.  Kyler’s body was discovered when police were sent to the location on another call.

Original story:  A man and his 2-year-old daughter went missing on their way to Sacramento on Sunday.

Kyler Jackson and his daughter, Kaylee have gone missing while traveling from Antioch to their home in Sacramento. Kyler left Antioch around 11 p.m. on Sunday. The family believes that something may have happened on the way.

“So did something happen along this stretch, along Twin Cities, along I-5,” said Jayonna Mason, Kaylee’s mother.

Kyler has not been on social media and is not answering his phone.

They are both traveling in a silver sedan and would have taken the Antioch bridge to 160 North through Locke to I-5.


The Alameda County Sheriff’s Dept. have searched along the river and highway but have found nothing nor have they seen any evidence of a car going into the water.

Kyler’s mom, Karla posted on Facebook: “I NEED ALL PRAYER WARRIORS!! My son Kyler Jackson & his 1yo baby Kaylee are MISSING!!! This is NOT HIS CHARACTER! Please Pray for their SAFE return Home! They were last seen leaving Antioch area approx 11p on Sun 5/22/16…he hasn’t posted to ANY social media sites since 7p that day. This is NO BULLSH*T…he stayed on his phone posting, snap chattin, talking or re-posting. His phone is apparently dead bcuz straight to vm & iPhone works off other phone’s juice. This is SERIOUS! Everyone please pray they are somewhere safe! Police & CHP INVOLVED…family searching again in 1st light. ‪#‎myheartHURTS‬”

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