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Could the body and car of missing Randy Leach be in water?

Randy Leach

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UPDATE 5/21/17 –  I received an email from a reader that has pointed out a location that might possible be Randy’s mom’s car near the Erwin’s home where he was last seen.  The location is where Randy went to a party before he disappeared.  If you look at the photo on the left you can see a grayish object.  Is that Randy mom’s car that he drove to the house?  Carol Incitti was using Goggle Earth to look at the address in Linwwood, KS, and she wonders if it is.  “There is something metallic in the woods near where the house.  It appears to be about the size of a car.”  The information has been passed to the authorities.  Hopefully, they will be able to check this information.

Another interesting find from Carol, is the two photos below from W 83rd Street DeSoto, KS – . As you can see that is definitely a vehicle parked in the middle of the woods.

Also, below two more photos of Linwood.  Seems to be something in the woods.  Is it a car?

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Original Story:  Over the last couple of years I have seen an increase of missing people being found after decades of being missing. DNA has been allowing officials to identify many John and Jane Does, some that have been laying in a box for decades at the police department waiting for someone to identify them, like Cynthia Day, that was identified after 23 years. Also, I have seen many more cold-cases are being reinvestigated by authorities and those cases are ended up on television, largely because of the Investigation Discovery channel.   Then there are the stories of people being found in water still in their cars after decades of missing.  I am wondering if it is possible that this is what happened to Randy Leach.  Mostly because his car has never been found and in the cases of missing people found in water, their cars were never found, because they were in the water.

Car found submerged in water with body inside after twenty years

Car submerged in NC lake over 40-years has human remains inside

Fremont Carl O’berg remains found in car at bottom of Kansas Lake

Remains found in sucken car in canal might belong to teens missing for 36 years

Three teens missing for over 40 years found at bottom of lake

Two teens missing in Studebaker since 1971 found in creek

It’s hard not to be emotionally touched by the Harold and Alberta Leach’s request for help to find their son, Randy, especially when they say their requests have fallen on deaf ears. Randy was last seen at a party in Kansas and then disappeared in 1988. His gray 1985 Dodge 400 has never been found. The possibility of a person being missing for 26 years is one thing, but a car, that makes it more complexing, but actually could hold a clue. Many times it is found years later that the missing person and their vehicle ended up over a cliff or in a lake.


A reader located this area where there is a boat ramp at coordinates
38* 59′ 58.92″ N, 95* 14′ 22.45″ W

I began talking with Kim Srubas, a close family friend, and found out that I was not the only one that thought Randy’s car may have ended up in the water. According to Srubas, in 2014 Harold finds out that the FBI and KBI had a person of interest in mind, and in fact had him in mind since the 1990s. That person, Eric Montgomery, was a suspect in two other homicides that happened near the Leach’s home. Sherrell Gary Brinkley appealing his first-degree murder conviction for killing Everett “Skeet” Bishop stated that he “sought to examine the Folsom and Leach investigation files with the hope of finding evidence that Montgomery and Bishop were involved together in the Leach and Folsom murders, reports LJ World.  Brinkley stated that he helped put two people in a barrel and put them in the water. Is it possible this also happened to Randy?

“Three people went missing from Linwook Kansas (town of 300 people) in two years. Montgomery was suspect in all three Randy Leach, Lloyd Folsom and Everett Bishop,” said Srubas. “It is my opinion somehow Montgomery was involved in all three. Statistically I can not get passed the facts, especially since the town is and was so small.”

There is a possibility that Randy and/or his car may be in the water, and have been there for decades. Whether he was put there on purpose or whether he accidentally drove into the water, no one knows. Looking at a map you can see two strong possibilities where he could have accidentally entered the water on his way home. Two strong reasons to go search the water, but, I know a water search was very difficult to get authorities to do, especially now, years after someone has gone missing. Most sheriff departments don’t have the funding for it. Texas Equusearch’s Tim Miller has done a few water searches in Texas and knew there were many cars in the water, but couldn’t get the authorities to retrieve them. Finally in 2016, I personally believe because of Tim’s persistence and the media covering the story, Houston authorities began bringing up cars from the Brays Bayou.

This is what the Leach family hopes that the authorities will do.  In fact, according to Srubas, back in December 18th of 2014, the LVSD and Kansas Bureau of Investigation said they would do whatever they could to find Randy, including searching in the water, but that has yet come to pass.

In 1992, Harold Leach stated that the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Officer have told him their plans for the investigation and when he double checked with another agency the plans were never followed through.  This confirmed Harold’s thoughts that the investigators were not doing everything they could and were not passing information.  The Sheriff’s Office and KBI stated they have followed every lead and felt eventually someone will report “pertinent information” that leads to what happened to Randy, reports LJ World.

Along with Harold finding out the sheriff’s department has not shared information, he  also said the authorities would not allow him access to the files on the case, because they state it is an ongoing investigation.

“Brinkley is still allegedly in Coleman facility prison in Florida,” said Srubas. “I begged the KBI to speak with him, all they would say is ‘Brinkley is not talking’ and made false promises to the Leach family in 2014 to shut the media up. Promised to search rivers, and speak to people. They have done nothing except cause more pain for Harold and Alberta by making false promises.”

So, despite the sheriff departments claim, no one is sure what they have been doing on Leach’s case for many years now, so if it is ongoing, my thought is it is ongoing in some dark file cabinet waiting for the light of day.

With my hunch that Randy and even his car may be in water, and with the information from Brinkley putting two bodies in a barrel and putting them into the water, I would think the sheriff’s department would have searched the Kansas River or Stranger Creek or even the Missouri River where the two bodies were put, according to Bishop, but I was dismayed to find that even though the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office promised Harold and Alberta Leach years ago to do a water search, as of yet it has not been done. There is no certainty that Randy was killed by anyone.   Jim Bishop (Everett’s brother) said his brother never killed anyone, and maybe the authorities can’t get the answers they are seeking because the people they have talked with are not involved.  What if Randy accidentally went into the water?  We will never know unless a search is done or a severe drought exposes the car, like in past missing cases.

Map showing the route from the party back to his home.  The Kansas River and Stranger Creek are near that route at several locations.

Harold and Alberta are in their mid-70’s now and only have one wish, to find out what happened to their son. After all these years and all the broken promises, I don’t think that the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office are going to follow through, but maybe there is someone else out there that can.

If you know an organization that knows about sonar searches that would be willing to help the Leach’s let me know and I can pass that information to Srubas. The Leach’s deserve an answer and heaven knows, Randy would want that too.

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