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Kevin Moran missing from Georgia since June FOUND

kevin moran

Kevin Moran’s body was found in a park near his home in Georgia.

There will be a search by the public for Kevin at  3855 Fence Rd Auburn, GA  starting at 8a.m. on Friday.

9/19/16 – I have received information from a reader that Kevin Moran is missing from Auburn, Georgia.  I have tried contacting the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Dept. but so far have not heard anything back.  Evidently, Kevin went for a jog, leaving his phone and wallet at home and never returned.  This was in June and I am just now hearing about it.  I have searched for any other information about him missing and have found nothing.

Kevin’s family needs help to get the word out he is missing.  So, please share.


“All I know is in June he walked out of his house and left his phone and wallet to go for a jog and hasn’t been seen since . His parents said out of everyone they spoke to he had no enemies or anyone that would want to hurt him and everyone loved him . He is a college student and al around good person please post his flyer.”


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