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Missing teen lampooned on social media because of photo FOUND


UPDATE 9/25/16 – The police have stated that they have arrested two men Josh Acosta, 21, of Fort Irwin and Frank Felix, 25, of Sun Valley, in connection with the deaths of Christopher, 34,  and Jennifer Yost, 39, and Arthur William Boucher, reports the OC Register.  They have also arrested, and I have also heard the word “detailed” a 17-year-old female teen.  Police also stated that Katlynn has been found and is unharmed.  There has been no confirmation if the police are talking about two different 17-year-old teens or the same. 

Frank Felix and Josh Acosta

Original story:  For the first time in all my years of reading about missing people this is the first time that I have come across a comment war going on between those leaving remarks about a teens photo that they find humerous and those that are chastising them.  The comments range from leaving photos of donkeys to remarks that she was probably the one responsible for the murders.  When the media released this photo of Katlynn above they clipped out the other two people who I will assume are her parents, then blew up the photo so that it showed only Katlynn’s head.  Instead of people seeing a normal photo like this one above, they saw one that gave us a close up of Katlynn’s face that people began to criticize.  



Now we have a situation of instead of her story and photo being shared because of her missing, it is being shared because of the comments on her story, that many are finding humerous.  

Now on to the situation of missing Katlynn:

Katlynn Goodwill Yost, 17, has been listed missing after her parents and another man were found murdered in her home in Los Angeles. Police responded to the address after they received a phone call from a child stating her parents were dead.  When they got there they found two men and a woman deceased and two children alive.  A 17-year-old that lived in the house, later identified as Katlynn was unaccounted for.  The Fullerton Police Dept. has announced the adults were murdered, and they have been searching for Katlynn but has not located her, yet.  They have not announced that she is a suspect, but only that she is missing.  

Neighbors stated they heard gunshots on Friday night, but no answer to the question of why they didn’t call the police.  

Katlynn is described as 5-foot-6, weighing about 150 pounds, with strawberry blonde hair and dark-colored eyes.




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