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Baby Lisa missing for 5 years from Missouri

Lisa Irwin has been missing for five years. I remember this case vividly and did a lot of reporting on it. I know many people believed that the mother accidentally killed her, but I felt it was probably a man that was seen in the neighborhood.  This even seems more pliable when you read the account from  a witness that saw a man carrying a baby in a diaper down the street around  4 a.m. in 45 degree weather.  That same night a dumpster fire was reported near by.  Was Lisa’s clothes burned in that dumpster?  There is also a video of someone leaving the woods around 2:30 a.m. The man was described as around 5’7″ tall, 140-150 pounds, between 30-40 years old, wearing a white t-shirt.

Although the police have stated that John “Jersey” Tanko had nothing to do with Lisa’s disappearance, neighbors have spoken about Jersey and stated he was in the neighborhood on that day.  Jersey was known to break into a house a block from the Irwin’s via the window and squat because the owner lived out of state.  He spent time at a neighborhood bar and was known to spend time in the woods behind that bar.  He was convicted of burglary and tampering with a motor vehicle in 2011 and received a 5 year sentence.

Does debit card charge prove Lisa Irwin is live?

The police still have not officially called the case an abduction and that’s probably largely because of the cadaver dog that hit in the Irwin home’s bedroom. Please read my findings on that.  Although the dog hit there, the police never took the rug out or did anymore investigation on that carpet, as was noted by Cindy Short.

Lisa Irwin age progression photo at age 5

On Tuesday, KCTV, did a story on the 5 year anniversary of Lisa’s disappearance. They state that there are new theories, but after listening to their story I hear nothing new.  During the report they talked with Cindy. Even though Cindy stated she is still communicating with the Irwin’s, please note that the Irwin’s separated from Short after she let the media come into the Irwin house to show them that the carpeting was still in the house and the carpet that the police were seen taking from the house was actually carpet that was in a garage.  Whether they are speaking again, I do not know, although Cindy told KCTV they are.

Lisa’s mother stated in KCTV’s interview that she was told she failed the polygraph but she was believes it was a police tactic, to get her to talk, and she did not fail.  The police have never confirmed or denied she failed the polygraph and in fact, refuse to talk about it.

CNN Spellman and PI Rugen learn up rumors surrounding missing baby Lisa case.

Although, police state that Jersey satisfied their investigation that he was not involved, it would be interesting to know what the police know that convinced them of that, as there is one particular thing that stands out; the Irwin’s stolen cell phones.

Police stated they pinged near the Irwin home throughout the night. One of the phones called Megan Wright. To this day, no one knows who it was that called her number, but the fact that it was a misdial seems very unlikely.  It would seem logical to me that whoever called Megan was someone that Megan knew.  And one of those people that Megan knew was Jersey, who was her exboyfriend.  Although there is a strong argument that if Megan and Jersey were no longer together, why would he call her.

It was later found out that Megan was not in possession of her phone when the phone call came in.  Dane Greenhouse, Megan’s old roommate had her phone.   PI Ron Rugen tracked down that information that you can read here. 

There is a $100,000 reward for information on baby Lisa. If you have any information on this case, please call 816-474-TIPS.

Interesting story about Jersey from neighbor Mary Hurt.

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