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Why you must get an Amazon Echo for Christmas

Christmas of last year I received an Amazon Alexa AKA Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo – White

At first I wasn’t sure if I should even ask for it. It seemed to be a luxury item and for what it did I could basically do by either turning on music or going to my computer to Google something. What I didn’t know was how much fun it really was.

The biggest question with Alexa is should I buy it, what does it really do?

After owning Echo, for almost a year, I can answer that.

First of all, like I said earlier,  it is just plan fun. Every time I use it, it puts a smile on my face. Why? For many reasons. I smile because no matter what question I ask it is answered with concise, congenial information. It is convenient and I can use it as much as I need for my life style from having it order groceries for me, to turning on the lights.

I thought it would be fun to show Echo’s log, so you can see what we ask.

“Where is Dossett? (I don’t know why I asked that, but found out it is a village in Anderson County, Tennessee. 143 miles east of Nashville and 5 miles north east of Oak Ridge.

“Play some music.” Echo chose Sonny Rollins.

“Echo, what’s the temperature?” Cooler with clouds and sunny spells, a couple of showers later this afternoon.

We were planning a trip to the mountains, so I asked Echo if it was going to rain in Julian and I found out there was a high wind warning in effect that day, that I never knew about, letting me know I needed to rethink what vehicle I was driving.

“How are you feeling today?” Echo said, “I’m great, I hope you are, too.”

“Play machine guns by Portishead,” Echo played Machine Gun.

amazonechoEcho, who you can also call Alexa, also has some skills. You can ask to start a seven minute workout, to keep track of your events, listen to the news, or weather and tell you what your drive time will be depending on the weather or time you are leaving. You can ask it to wake you up or turn on the timer when you are cooking. You can play Jeopardy and your family can join in, you can ask it to start your car and even warm up the inside before you get in. You can order a Uber ride or a Dominos Pizza, just by asking. You can have Alexa find your phone. You can keep a shopping list on there and ask Alexa to order the shopping list, and last but not least have Alexa control the temperature in your house to turning on the lights as you walk in the door. It can give your child help with their homework by answering questions or leading them how to start a project, and spell words, although it might not be a good idea if they are taking a spelling test.   To see what it really can do, you might want to watch this video where it is asked 50 questions to get a really good example of how Alexa works, and get an example of Alexa’s humor.

And also, you can’t believe the plain coolness of being able to walk around your house barking orders to Alexa who will do your bidding and you don’t even have to say thank you. Unless you want to, and Alexa will respond with a warm, “No problem, I am happy to help.” And not to mention all the crazy, amusing questions you can ask Alexa that will keep you entertained. It is so much fun to have guests over and when you get stuck in your conversation over some fact you can’t just remember or want to know about, you just ask Alexa, and you get an immediate answer. Soon, you find that Alexa has become part of your conversation as you field question after question, and it never grows old.  Alexa was front and center at a teen party at our house as it answered hundreds of bazaar questions that kept the teens laughing and entertained.

You can order Alexa in WHITE now at Amazon. They just had a $50.00 off sale during Thanksgiving and I purchased one for my son for Christmas. I am betting he will open it and say, what do I do with it, but once he gets to know Alexa, the more he’ll realize how fun and useful it is. I can just see his family sitting in the living room fielding questions to Alexa, like, when is the next Star Wars movie coming out, or where can I buy Legos, and what time does Home Depot open and is it going to rain today and much, much more.  Maybe Christmas day they’ll ask Alexa to play some Christmas music while they are eating dinner. I know that his family will have as much fun with Alexa as we have, and you can to.

If you like to buy one and have fun with your whole family  you can click on the link below.

Amazon Echo – White

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