Danielle Stislicki missing from Michigan; reward $120,000

Danielle Stislicki

UPDATE 12/28/16 – “Farmington Hills detectives and members of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab were at a home in Berkley last night investigating the disappearance of Danielle Stislicki,” Farmington Hills Police Chief Chuck Nebus wrote in a Friday news release reports the Huffington Post. “Farmington Hills detectives and investigators from several other agencies have been involved in searches and the collection of evidence at numerous locations over the past three weeks …. There will be no further information released at this time.”

The home is said to be owned by a security guard that worked at MetLive.[amazon text=Amazon][amazon text=Amazon]

Original story:  Danielle Stislicki, 28, from Farmington Hills, Michigan, has been missing since Dec. 2, 2016.  She was last seen in Southfield when she left her job at MetLife.  Her car was found at the  Independence Green apartments. The vehicle was locked and Stislicki’s purse was found inside and there was no signs of a struggle, according to police.  Police are also looking for Stislicki’s keys, with a distinctive key charm: a smiling yellow figure with a green body. They are also looking for her cell phone: a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime phone in a rose-colored case, and a blue jacket.

The reward has risen to $120,000. Danielle’s GoFundMe page has almost reached $25,000.


The police are asking the public to let them know if they saw Danielle and/or her vehicle arriving at her residence between 5:00 p.m. on December 2nd and 6:00 p.m. on December 3, 2016. or anyone who may have observed Danielle any time between 5:00 p.m. on December 2nd and 6:00 p.m. on December 3, 2016 when her car was located.  Danielle’s family believes she was abducted.


Danielle was wearing jeans, a black zip shirt, blue Eddie Bauer coat and burgundy boots.  She has a Koe fish tattoo on her hip, constellation on her shoulder, phoenix on her lower left back and candy and popcorn on her foot.

Find Danielle Stislicki Facebook page
daniellestislickiAnyone who has information should call Farmington Hills Police Command Desk anytime at 248-871-2610.

From Dani’s friend Kristy Jo Holme:

“Until it happens to you. That’s what they say, right? You don’t know what it’s like until it happens to you. Sunday morning I woke up to a text from a friend who was supposed to pick me up to go to the gym. Instead of her normal “get out of bed!” encouragement, she informed me that we needed to go join the search party for our friend, Danielle. Confused, I opened my facebook to discover frantic messages from 6 of my closest friends telling me that Danielle was missing. I was out the door in 10 minutes. I didn’t grasp the gravity of the situation until I arrived at her apartment complex where I was greeted by her family and friends and handed missing person fliers. With her face on them. That face that I just saw a week ago, who hugged me and apologized for not getting back to me about how she makes collard green wraps. The police instructed us to canvas the area. Yell her name. Check in every car. Look in every dumpster. And so we did. I can’t describe to you the feeling that you get just as you peer over the ledge of a dumpster, desperately hoping for something and nothing at the same time. You won’t know until it happens to you. I sincerely hope it never happens to you.

Each day we brainstorm what we can do next to help find Danielle. We pass out fliers. Talk to strangers. Tweet Ellen, Oprah, Eminem. Rent billboards. Cry in bathroom stalls. With each nightfall, the adrenaline that dominated the day gives way to sadness and fear. I hope she’s not cold. I hope she’s safe and not scared. I pray for her family – even though I never pray.

Today is day six.

Please, tell everyone you know about Danielle. Share every post on social media and encourage your friends to do the same. The best thing we can do for her right now is share her face and name until someone comes forward with information that will help us find her. Please help bring my friend home.

“Stand on the top of the highest mountain you can and scream her name. Do not stop screaming until she’s found” -Danielle’s mom, Ann


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