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Photo of man in hospital in Brazil; social media trying to identify him – Identified

man in brazil hospital

This story is running in reverse chronological order.  The original story is towards the bottom and the latests updates are put on top.

UPDATE:  1/6/16 – The man from Brazil has been identified and is a man who has been missing from Canada since 2012.

Anton Pilipa
Anton Pilipa

Morgan Clemons, who helped Kris Fowler’s mom, Sally, to try to determine if the man from Brazil was Kris or not has posted the following on the Bring Kris Fowler/Serpa Home Facebook page:

“A brief update on the individual in Brazil who some felt resembled Kris. For those that do not know, an unknown individual in Brazil was detained by police and hospitalized some weeks ago, he was mentally confused, only spoke English, and had no papers. He had at one point told the local police his name was Anton from Canada, and another time he used a different name and said he was from the USA. Photos were taken of him in the hospital and some believed he resembled Kris. A lot of work went into tracking down that lead, including by at least one PCT hiker in Brazil who selflessly made many phone calls, spoke to hospital and police authorities, utilized local contacts, and traveled quite a distance all to see if this person could be Kris. In the end it turned out not to be Kris. But, I believe because of the wide interest generated in this individual in Brazil, as a result of the search for Kris, he was finally identified. While it would not be appropriate to identify him by name I can say that he was identified as a missing Canadian, who had been missing since 2012! His family was notified by the Canadian embassy and has arrived in Brazil to bring their long missing family member home. A great resolution for that family, and a demonstration that great things can happen, even several years later. Keep praying, keep hoping!”

Also, Sally posted:  “More congrats to Corp Nale for getting in touch with the American Embassy and having them call me to see if it was kris! A good day We needed that.”

Then on Jan 6 this post from Hellenic Vidigal confirms the man in the hospital was Anton Pilipa as he explains the full story:

“Hi, guys! I am a police officer in Ji-Paraná in the state of Rondonia, Brazil. At the end of November the Policia Rodoviária Federal (PRF) em Ji-Parana, Rondonia, Brazil were called because a man was walking among the cars on the road BR364 endangering himself on the busy highway. Once we arrived there we realized that he spoke only English language, had no id and seemed to be very confused mentally. I tried to talk to him and he did not tell me much but he told me his name was Anton and he was from Canada. I believed him and contacted the National Centre for Missing Persons & Unidentified Remains in Canada, The Canadian Embassy in Brazil, a few friends in Canada and started a search for his family. A few days later I got a message saying that the message I sent to the Missing Person’s address was directed to the BC Police Missing Person Centre (regional centre for BC). A friend of mine posted pictures of Anton here and we made a few comments ’cause some people were saying that he could be Kris. To make a long story short, we found that the Canadian Police had identified him as Anton Yuri Pilipa. With that information I googled the name and found one of Anton’s friends who directed me to his brother Stefan. Meanwhile Anton was taken to a Hospital in Porto Velho where he scaped a few days later. So to my despair I located the family and lost Anton to the Brazilian roads. At this point the PRF started to search for Anton on the northern Highways and we located him in Manaus on the 3rd of January 2017. Right now he is in a Psychiatric hospital with a support of the Canadian Consular Services and awaiting for his brother to come and take him home.”

UPDATE 12/16:   He has not been identified.  Kris Fowler’s mother has determined it is not Kris Fowler. Austin Oldfield’s girlfriend has determined that it is not Austin Oldfield.

ORIGINAL STORY:  A photo of a man laying in a hospital bed has been circulating on social media since Dec 2, 2016.  The photo was sent to Lesley Edwards, because someone thought it was her missing son,  Scot Jon Anderson Edwards, AKA Balion, 31, who has been missing since Sept. 15, 2014.

About missing Jon Edwards:  Edwards was last seen at an apartment  in Lagos just weeks after arriving in  Algarve to start a new job.  He left behind his personal belongings; phone, passport and clothing.

Back in 2015, Lesley’s son was thought to have been spotted at a Chelsea game and was photographed by a couple taking a selfie, but it turned out to not be him.

Man on left caught in selfie, was not Lesley’s missing son, Jon (right)

When Lesley ruled out the man in the hospital was not her son, she began to circulate the large photo (above) of the man laying in a hospital bed in Brazil, in hopes that his family would recognize him.

Sally Fowler was able to get a few more photos of the Brazilian man while attempting to check if the man was her son.

Lesley posted that she found out that the man was in Hospital de Base Ari Pinheiro in Porto Velho City, Rondonia Brasil and had no papers, so no one knew who he was.  Many were thinking he was Lars Mittank from Germany.  Upon checking today I found that he was ruled out as being Lars because the blood type and eye color did not match.  Read here.

Lesley also posted:  “Can you also pass it {photo of man} onto the Missing People UK site as I tried to but couldn’t see a place to either message or post. He is English spoken but the lady couldn’t tell me if it was a British accent.”Because of that last comment there is a possibility he may be from America or Canada. I am trying to get some more verification if that if likely or not, and will update when I know.


Lars Mittank went missing from Germany in 2014

Lars Mittank from Germany is still missing and you can read his full story here.

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