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Teen missing from Albania, cousin believes he may be in the U.S.

Mateo Bejaj has been missing from Vlora, Albania since July 2011 when he was 14-years-old.  His cousin wrote to MPofA and asked that we share his photo as he believes that Mateo may be in the US.

“My coisu name is marteo bejaj is from albania is been missing sance 2011 when he was 14.”

According to the testimonies of the relatives learned that Marteo emerged Saturday lunch on 16 July from the apartment of the house with clothes to stay in the neighborhood and from that moment is not seen by the family.

Even after 11 days from the time of the disappearance, there is no news of his whereabouts taken.

Present family name: BEJAJ
Forename: MARTEO
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 25/10/1996
Place of birth: VLORA , Albania
Nationality: Albania
Father’s family name & forename: BEJAJ ELHAM
Height: 1.7 meter
Colour of hair: Black
Colour of eyes: Black
Date of disappearance: 16/07/2011 When 14 years old
Place of disappearance: VLORA, Albania

Mateo Bejaj, nga fshati Fitore i Vlorës, u zhduk më 16 korrik të vitit 2011, kur ishte 14 vjeç

Familja e djalit të zhdukur shpjegon se me hallën kanë pasur prej kohësh një konflikt pronësie

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