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Month: January 2017

Hemet mom still missing; her friend found murdered

Click here to read the Pala Watch about Carolyn Cagey and note the comments at the bottom of the article.  The Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept. is asking for help to find Kathleen Ann Haney, 56, from Hemet, Calif.  She was last seen with Kyle Cagey, 27, (more…)

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Toni Anderson

Did a police imposter pull over Toni Anderson?

It has been over two weeks since Toni Anderson was last seen at a gas station in Kansas City, shortly after being pulled over by a police officer for an illegal lane change.   The last time she used her phone was to send a (more…)

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Alex Mengel

Photos of women found in the wallet of serial killer Alex Mengel have never been identified

Police have photos of five women that were found in the wallet of a suspected serial killer, but they have never been able to identify the woman.  Do you know who they might be? Alex Mengel, 30, from Guyana was pulled over by Officer Stymiloski in (more…)

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Michael Mansfield

Police search for missing man after deathbed confession

A deathbed confession may lead police to missing man The police are searching a home in Illinois after they received a deathbed confession from a man who said he killed him in 1975. The home is located on Barber Lane in Joliet and is now (more…)

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missing pittsburgh twins

Authorities search for Pittsburgh twins missing for 10 years

Twins, Ivan and Inisha Fowler have been missing for 10 years. UPDATE 5/18/17 –  A judge said that Fowler’s who is charged with conspiracy and unsworn falsification to authorities still stand but other charges have been dropped.  She will remain in jail for Fowler collecting government (more…)

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West Philadelphia police search for missing 10-year-old FOUND

1/28/17 – It has just been posted by Carline Rucker his Godmother that he has been found on Ogden Street. Original Story:  Rashann (Judah) Height-Lee, 10,  went missing on Friday from the West Philadelphia area.  His mother told police he was last seen around 4:30 (more…)

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John Yonan

Do you know who this US man is, in an India hospital?

UPDATE 2/13/17 – John Yonan AKA Jay Yokum has been reunited with his family in Idaho. Original story:  I received this photo and inquiry on MPofA’s Facebook page asking for help to identify this man from Roman Olegovich Naumov.  Roman stated that the man had (more…)

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Rose Timperley

Where is missing Rosemarie Timperley?

Missing Person Oklahoma Rosemarie Timperley Rosemarie Timperley was last seen on February 02, 2016 shortly before 4 a.m. by the staff of the Central States ran Okmulgee, OK home where she was a resident. Staff said she went to bed around 10 p.m. but continued (more…)

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Allenstown Murders

Man identified as responsible for Allenstown Four Murders (Membership link)

Man identified as responsible for Allenstown Four Murders may be a serial killer Identity of the bodies in the barrels: The police have announced that they have learned the identities of the two children and woman that were found in the barrels, (see story farther (more…)

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Jessica Runions

Missing Jessica Runions last seen with man that was last seen with Kara Kopetsky FOUND

UPDATE:  A human skull was found in rural Cass County on April 3, 2017 by a mushroom hunter. Investigators brought in their teams and found another human skull on April 4.  One has been identified as belonging to Kara Kopetsky and the other Jessica Runions. (more…)

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