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Toni Anderson missing from Kansas city after getting gas

Toni Anderson

Toni Anderson, 20, from Kansas City has gone missing after she texted a friend that she had been pulled over again, then got gas at a QuikTrip

Toni Anderson
Toni Anderson

UPDATE 5/23/17- The police have released the video of Toni being pulled over by the police.  In the video, at first the police officer tells Toni that she is going the wrong way.  She said she knew.  Later he was much more precise and told her she was going the wrong way, towards traffic.  When he asked her if she had been drinking or taken any medication, she stated, no that she was sick.

“The cause of death is hypothermia and drowning, the manner of death is accidental and the contributing factors are ethanol, cocaine and amphetamine intoxication,” police said Tuesday in a news release.

We know it was reported that Toni said she needed to get gas, and that is why she went to the QT.  Now we are finding out that the officer asked her to pull into the QT parking lot to “gather herself.”

Many don’t believe that Toni’s death was an accident.  But, we have a young lady that does sound like she is slurring her words a bit and was pulled over because she was driving on the wrong side of the road heading into traffic.

I am personally surprised that the police officer did not give her a sobriety test.

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UPDATE 3/10/17 – After missing for almost two months, the police have likely located Toni’s body inside a car that was pulled out of the Missouri River in an area called Platte Landing Park.  A helicopter hovered above as a dark small car was pulled from the water, after a black SUV had been pulled from the water earlier that day.  Toni’s mother stated that the police told her the license plate of the small car matched Toni’s plates on her car, reports various media.  A female’s body was found inside, but no positive identification has been released.

A private search company used sonar in the river on Friday when they came across her car.  The black SUV that was also found was a stolen car and had no body inside.

There is no determination from the police at this time as to whether it was an accident or foul play.

toni anderson map
Platte Landing Park where Toni’s car was found
Toni Anderson Car
Toni’s car after being pulled from the water

UPDATE 1/24/17 – The police have released a video of Toni’s car driving away from the QuikTrip.  There is not much to see other than that, but it does tell the police what direction she was headed and at what time.  This might answer my discussion yesterday about the time line changing.  It is possible that the authorities just got this video and with that, they were able to positively establish when she drove away from the QuikTrip.

UPDATE:  1/23/17 –  Busting into this case, much like a caped crusader during a robbery is a man who goes by KC Crimefighter.  He has been investigating cases in Kansas City as a citizen for a while and Anderson’s case is another one he has decided to look into.  He does most of his posting on Twitter and posts videos on Facebook about what he has dug up.

One video shows him walking around the Shady Lady where KC says the media stated that Anderson was heading before she went missing.  Whether she made it there is unknown.  KC Crimefighter noted that the place was “in the hood.”  Why would Anderson go there when KC Crimefighter feels it is not a safe place to go.  Is it possible that was not her destination?

Many people on social media have been criticizing KC Crimefighter for posting some very strong words about Toni Anderson. Where he would argue he was just stating the truth, others were upset at his comments because they felt they were devaluing the young woman.

Social media has questions of their own and they have begun to slowly seep through the unpluggable holes of social media. Questions like; was she actually seen at a mall a few days after her disappearance? Was she really going to school? Does her boyfriend that set up the GoFundMe page for donations to hire an investigator, really have a warrant for his arrest? Was Anderson’s father actually arrested for extorting money from his employer? Have the police questioned the people she was going to meet?

I talked with KC Crimefighter a bit through social media and my question was, where is Toni’s car?  I figured with all the walking around and sleuthing he was doing that he would be the first to spot it. Now comes information that a small black car has been sitting near the First Baptist Church near 87.  Whether this will pan out to be Anderson’s car is unknown at this time.  KC Crimefighter is also bewildered why the media is portraying Anderson as a college student when his investigation has found that she was a dancer at the club and used another identity.

KC Crimefighter states he has gathering some interesting leads on this case, that he says he has given to the police.  A good call on his part as no information should be leaked out that might cause Anderson’s safety to be jeopardized nor mess up this case for any future charges IF that ever happens.  Some more information that KC Crimefighter is checking out is that Anderson was to meet with someone that night.  (KC recanted on Tuesday and stated that the person he thought was suppose to meet her was not right that it was actually the brother of the person.)  KC believes it was an auto body shop.  Maybe the police have already found out and this may be some of the information they know that drew them to the conclusion that there is no foul play in this case.

Many on social media that have supported and worried about this young woman are starting to wonder if maybe this whole case is a scam, much like many believed the Sherri Panini case was.  That Anderson purposely took off and let her boyfriend set up a GoFundMe account so they could both benefit.

Chad Landry posted, “No reward offered. her family isn’t searching for her, her “Felon Friends” decide to look for her a week later. Her dad is a crook. Her dude is a delinquent. This sh** is unreal. Take the focus off her ass and put it on a REAL missing person case.”

Other’s feel that none of this matters and in particular what she did for a living does not matter.  Bottom line she is a missing person.

Right now the authorities do not consider this case as foul play, which means they believe she left on her own accord.   Unless someone like KC can dig up enough information to change the “no foul play” call to “suspicious” or someone else gives the police a tip, it is only a matter of time before this case is forgotten by all, except for those who want to know what the real facts are about this case.

There are some questions that stand out for me.  If Anderson’s boyfriend is the same man who has a warrant out for his arrest, why has he not been picked up by now?  He has been very verbal on social media.   If the police have stated that there is no foul play concerning Anderson’s disappearance what do they know that they are not sharing with the public that makes them so sure?   Why is the timeline that I got from the police, now different from what has been posted by the police by the media just a few days ago?   They stated early on that Anderson was pulled over at 4:40 a.m. and now they are saying it was 4:20.  Fox 4 KC also reported it was at 4:20.   BUT, Kansas Police spokesman Darin Snapp told WDAF-TV the North Kansas City officer stopped Anderson for making an illegal lane change near a QuikTrip gas station about 4:25 a.m.  Then, KCPD told 41 Action News Tuesday afternoon they couldn’t find any record of Anderson being pulled over, they confirmed Tuesday night Anderson was pulled over by North Kansas City police around 4:25 a.m. near the QuikTrip at 2525 Burlington St. for an illegal lane change. No wonder there is so much confusion.

Bottom line, at first they said there was no record of a stop (later we find out because it was two different police dept.) then the earliest reports state she was stopped at 4:40, then it appears to have been changed somewhere along the line to her being stopped at 4:25.

Maybe this time change is no big deal, but if she was stopped at 4:25 then it is 17 minutes later she sends the text which  is different from her being stopped at 4:40 and she is sitting in her car waiting for the officer to walk up to her car and she sends out a text at 4:42.   And even a third thought is coming to several people’s minds that she was actually stopped twice that same night, and that is what the “again” comment meant.  Once at 4:25, then again at 4:40.  Is that even possible, when you have to account for the time it takes for the police to talk to someone when they are pulled over?  But then we have the statement from Josh Helmuth from 41 Action news that says Toni LEFT the Quick Trip at 4:40 a.m. and then texted her friend she had been stopped.  This would mean she texted while driving away from the QuickTrip.

Original Story:  Toni Anderson, 20, was pulled over early in the morning on Sunday, January 16, 2017 by the North Kansas City Police near 9-Highway and 20th Avenue, in Kansas City, Missouri and went missing shortly after.  The police officer that stopped her came forward after she had been missing for several days to say he had stopped Toni and had given her a warning ticket.

The Kansas City Police Dept. stated that an officer stopped Toni in her black, 2014 Ford Focus as she drove down 9-Highway for an improper lane change.  During the stop she told the officer she was running low on gas, so the officer told her to go to the QuikTrip nearby at 2525 Burlington St.  The officer actually watched her go there the authorities are reporting. From there the next sighting of Toni is from a surveillance video showing her at the QuikTrip.

Sometime either during or shortly after the stop, Toni texted to her friend, Roxanne Townsend “OMG just just pulled over again.”  Social media has been speculating what “again” meant.  The timeline below shows that Toni sent the text two minutes after she was pulled over.  “Again” could mean she had been pulled over twice that morning but the time line is very narrow with only 30 minutes between her leaving work and being pulled over, so it is highly unlikely she was pulled over twice in 30 minutes.  But, it could have mean that she was pulled over a lot by the police.  Roxanne stated that Toni was routinely stopped, so the “again” may just be her commenting on her frequency of being pulled over.

Toni works at the Chrome nightclub on 7400 U.S. Interstate 40, as a server and left work after 4 a.m.  She was heading to see some friends in downtown Kansas City.  Her friends said she never showed up.  Her family stated it was a usual thing for Toni to come home around 6 a.m. after working.

Investigators told Fox4KC  that the GPS system on her car tracked to the North Kansas City gas station, and is now no longer functioning. Attempts to ping her phone have been unsuccessful.  Toni’s ATM card was used twice at the QuikTrip but police do not know who used them.

Toni Anderson
Toni Anderson

Police also released a time line, along with cell phone information from her parents.

4:15 a.m. – Left work.

4:33 a.m. – Bank records show  a declined transaction at an unknown QuikTrip.

4:40 a.m. – Pulled over by North KC police for illegal lane change.

4:42 a.m. – Anderson sent text.

4:53 a.m. – Anderson received incoming text from unidentified number, and she did not respond.

Toni’s car,  a 2014 Ford Focus with Kansas plates 989 GAX is still missing.

It has also been brought to my attention that a man, Pete Sanchez claiming to be Toni’s boyfriend has set up a GoFund me Account.  The family is stating it is without their permission.  Please read the following to get a better understanding.



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