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Child’s body found in garbage bag in Madisonville, Texas

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Child’s body found in garbage bag in Madisonville, Texas

A child’s body was found in a garbage bag near the I-45 in Madisonville, Texas in September 2016.  The police are reaching out to the public for help to identify her.  The sheriff’s office said the body was inside a while plastic garbage bag that was discovered by a man mowing his lawn near a fence about 40 feet from the edge of an Interstate 45 feeder road, reports ABC 13.  Madisonville is about 1/12 north of Houston.  The authorities have stated the death was a homicide and she likely died a few months prior to September.

They police are trying to find the child’s identity by releasing information and a description to the public.

The child (no sex or race has been determined for the child) is believed to be around 3-5 years old with brown or black hair.  The child wore a size 4T pink dress with a tag with the Mon Petit brand.  The dress had flowers, butterflies and the phrase “Follow your dreams” on it. shows the child was wearing a size 4 disposable diaper “Parent’s Choice” brand and two socks.  The child’s body also had a feeding tube that was surgical implanted and was a Mic-Key FR 1.2 cm inscribed with AA4069F02. The feeding tube entered the child’s abdomen through the ribs and went directly into the stomach. Also found was a military issued camo shirt (desert digital pattern), a Silver child’s bedspread, a grey adult sweatshirt, and a small green blanket,  At this time the DNA tests have not been completed.

Myrisha Campbell 1955 from Texas has been ruled out.

If you have any information that may help in discovering the identity of this child, please contact the Madison County Sheriff’s Office at 936-348-2755.

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  1. Sounds like possibly a handicapped child someone didn’t want to care for anymore. So sad.

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