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Teen missing from Vancouver

Damen Jollymore

UPDATE 2/24/17 – Damen has been found safe and is with Oregon Authorities said the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

Damen Jollymore , 14, has been missing from Vancouver, Washington since Feb. 4, 2017.  The Clark County Sheriff’s Office stated that Damen has an emotional condition that may cause him confusion or stress.

He was seen wearing a black and gray jacket that looks like a vest, black boots, and a black backpack.  He is 5’3″ tall and 100 pounds with dark blond hair and hazel eyes.  He wears glasses and braces with red and blue bands.  He has a strawberry-colored birthmark on the back of his neck.

If you see him please cal the police at 360-397-2108.  Think about getting a photo of him if you see him walking and note the location for the police.

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  1. Hi from me, Grethe in Stockholm. Look for this boy near by his home – some kinde of swamp – This boy was feeling very low and with severe anxiety……. Bless him and his relatives!

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