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Police ask for help to identify woman found dead in the streets of Houston

Houston Jane Doe

Police are asking for help to identify a young woman found dead in the streets of Houston.

UPDATE 3/4/17 – The family of Genesis Cornejo has confirmed that the unknown Houston woman was her.

UPDATE 3/3/17 : Yesterday, I was sent a photo by Janie Herrera of Genesis Cornejo, 15, as being a possible match to the Houston young woman and today the police are stating the 14-year-old teen told investigators “another girl named “Genesis” was also at the apartment. When “Genesis” criticized a shrine dedicated to their satanic beliefs, she said, “Genesis” disappeared.”  ABC13 reported:  “The 14-year-old was able to lead police to Alvarez-Flores and Hernandez-Rivera. A prosecutor says Hernandez-Rivera admitted to shooting “Genesis.” Both are charged with her murder and police are looking into whether “Genesis’ is Gemesis Cornejo.”  Later the prosecutor stated:  From the prosecutor: “One night during her confinement, she observed an incident where Genesis made an outburst against a shrine dedicated to the gang members’ satanic beliefs.”  The MS-13 gang member stated that “Satan wanted a soul” before she was killed.

UPDATE 3/2/17 A teen, who evidently was there during the incident stated that she had been kidnapped in February and  the above couple they sexually assaulted and held her captive. She saw they were holding the unknown Houston woman against her will, too and she disappeared after she had broken the gang’s shrine, reports KHOU news.  The They felt it was fitting to kill her as part of a satanic ritual after she broke the shrine.

satanic murder

Original story: The young woman is estimated to be between the ages of 15 and 25 was found by a man driving his children to school on February 9, 2017.    Authorities were told that witnesses heard gunshots around  5 a.m. that same morning, reports ABC 13.  Police believe the young woman was shot and killed elsewhere and her body was left on S. Sharpcrest Street near the West Beltway.

Houston Jane Doe


The Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office said the young woman is Hispanic, and between 5’8″ and weighs 108 pounds. She has long, dark, wavy hair and pierced ears.  She was wearing a gray short-sleeved knit shirt with a pink “Slope Bunny” embroidered emblem on the left chest, Old Navy blue denim jeans in a size zero and purple ankle socks, white high top Converse sneakers with red trim in size 6.  She also was wearing three white metal rings, pictured above.

If you know anything about the case or can identify the young woman contact the Harris County Institute of Forensic Services at 713-796-9292 or 713-797-6740.


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