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Man dies of natural causes; police search for his next of kin

Robert Furbush

UPDATE 3/7/17 = West Palm Beach Police detectives have made contact with Robert Furbush’s relatives in New England.

Robert A. Furbush, 87, died of natural causes on Feb. 13, 2017 in his home on the 200 Fern Street in West Palm Beach, Florida, and police have not been able to find his relatives to let them know.

Robert was a member of the Palm Beach’s Everglades Club in the early 1990s, but no one seemed to remember him.  Police were able to track down an old girlfriend that Robert had listed on some paperwork, but she had not seen him in years and did not remember him having any relatives.  They believe Robert lived in Maine and looking that up I found two relatives listed as  James L Furbush and Catherine Furbush.

Robert was a veteran and maybe another veteran remembers serving with him and can let the police know any information about his life.  If you know anyone with that last name, please forward this post to them and see if they know Robert.

Anyone with information about Furbush is asked to contact Detective Chuck Branch at 561-822-1656 or Detective Ron Robbins at 561-822-1726.

4 thoughts on “Man dies of natural causes; police search for his next of kin

  1. Hi Jerrie! I’m finding that Robert was born 10 Jun 1929 in Medford Mass. I’ll call the detectives to see if they can verify a dob or SS number for me.

    1. Did Catherine and James turn out to be their relatives. I also noticed on Facebook a small group of people that have his last name. None in his area, but one went to school in Miami.

  2. My mother is the old girlfriend that is referenced in this article who Bob listed as next of kin. When police came to speak with her she told them that he was originally from Massachusetts and that she didn’t know of any family. When I found this article and read these comments I asked her if the birthday (June 10, 1929) and town of Medford, MA sounded correct and she confirmed that they absolutely are correct.

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