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Father searches for 6-year-old daughter, Claire Cooney

Claire Cooney

UPDATE 3-12-17 –  Claire has been found and on her way back to her father.  Jonathan Bromen, Claire Cooney’s mother’s current boyfriend, is being held at the Monroe County Jail.

A private investigator is picking up Claire and bringing her back to Nashville, TN to reunite with her father.

Claire Cooney, 6, has been missing from Perham, Minnesota for one month.  She is believed to be with her mother, Miranda Cooney and Cooney’s boyfriend, Jonathan Dennis Bromen, who has a felony warrant.  Claire’s father, Brian Cooney stated that there was a pending court date that Miranda was supposed to attend but she did not.  A Minnesota court filed an order of protection for Claire, after her disappearance and now Brian has temporary custody. If Miranda doesn’t show up for court in Minnesota by March 14, an Amber Alert could be issued, Cooney’s lawyer said.

Claire Cooney

They were last seen in Centerville, Tennessee. According to a post on the website, “the couple purchased 2 blue tarps, 2 gray tarps, bundle of white rope, 2 hacksaws, camping set of knives, camouflage jackets, pillows, friendship bracelet kit. Jonathan purchased a gift for Claire, the gift was a high-grade stainless steel quick release knife.”

The store owner told media that Claire’s hair had been dyed.   The store clerk called the police and told them they were driving a black Trailblazer with Minnesota plates and said they were going to “live off the grid,” reports Valley News Alive.

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