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Alycia Aly Yeoman goes missing in Yuba City, truck found abandoned

alycia yeoman

The coroner stated that Alycia Yeoman died from drowning.  The matter in which she died, meaning, whether it was accidental or someone else caused her to drown, has not been stated by the coroner.  It likely will never be.

UPDATE 5/9/17 – The body of missing Alycia Yeoman has been found in the Feather River by a fisherman.  She was identified through dental records and authorities are trying to determine the cause of death. The park is at the end of Pennington Road, near the orchard where Yeoman’s car and phone were found, reports the Sacramento Bee.

Authorities say a body found in the Feather River in Northern California is a that of missing 20-year-old college student.

The Sutter County sheriff’s office identified the body Tuesday as Yuba College student Alycia “Aly” Yeoman of Gridley.

KCRA reports ( ) a fisherman found the body Sunday afternoon near Live Oak, about 50 miles north of Sacramento.

UPDATE 4/6/17 – Briana Crawford added this to Alycia’s story:

*The FBI is now involved in the search for Aly.* I’m asking everyone that sees this post to please share it. I want her story to reach every person that it can. I want you all to take a good, long look at her face, and remember it. Because you never know. What if she’s that one girl you bump into at the gas station, or a truck stop, or in a restaurant. You might see her and think, hmm, she looks familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it. Please, look again. Help us search for her. Please, help us bring her home. We live in a town with less than 7,000 residents. It’s small, and family oriented.

Aly isn’t just some face in a crowd full of strangers. She is a strong, hard working, beautiful, vibrant woman, who has a big heart, a glowing smile, warm eyes, and a laugh that’s contagious. She is a happy-go-lucky, open hearted person who can turn your day around, with just a few kind words. She is a friend to everyone. Even on the darkest days, she knows how to bring the light out. She always knows what to say, and if she doesn’t, she knows that everything can be fixed with a hug and some words of encouragement. She is our family. She is one of our own. I speak for everyone when I say that we will never stop looking, and fighting for her. Because you never stop fighting for family.

aly yeoman

According to krcr news, Alys phone has been located and turned in to the proper authorities, hopefully this will give them some better insight on where she might be

Aly’s truck was found stuck in the mud in an orchard in Live Oak, CA, a town about 7 miles from our own home town. Neither she, nor her cell phone were located. According to media updates, there was only 1 pair of foot prints leaving the scene. Please remain vigilant everyone, she’s out there some where, and we will find her. Thank you to everyone who’s been sharing these posts, it means a lot.

If anyone sees or hears from Alycia Yeoman, or if you have any helpful leads or tips, please call Gridley PD at (530) 846-5670, or Yuba Sutter PD at (530) 822-4660. She’s been missing since Thursday, and no one has seen or heard from her. It is not like her to go missing the way she has. She’s approximately 5’4, she has braces, weighs about 115-125. She has a small mole near her left eye . Drives an older green Toyota Tacoma.
Licence plate: 4FAR610, if anyone sees her truck, please contact the authorities asap.
her hair is slightly longer now than it was in the photo I’m attaching. We are all worried, and just want to know that she’s safe. I’ve attached some Photos of her from her facebook profile for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting and befriending her.

UPDATE 4/5/17 – A Live Oak resident called the police department and said that they had found a cell phone in the area of Yeoman’s truck.

Original story:

Alycia “Aly” Yeoman, 20, of Live Oak, Calif. has been missing since Thursday as she drove away from her friend’s home on the 1800 block of Romero Street in Yuba City.   A ping from her phone showed she was in an area of an empty field in Yuba City near a Walmart on Harter Parkway, near Oro Ranch Road, police stated.  Her 1998 green Toyota Tacoma truck was found in that field by some farm workers, who had said it had been there for several days.  The sheriff’s office said it appears that Aly’s truck got stuck in the mud after going down a levee near Pennington road.  There was a set of foot prints leading away from the truck, reports KCRA News.  Her cell phone is still missing.

CBS Sacramento reports Gridley Police investigators are going through the truck searching for evidence.

Yeoman is described as 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs about 115 pounds and has brownish-blonde hair. She also has braces, a nose ring and a small mole near her left eye posted the Gridley police on Facebook.

The Find Alycia Yeoman Facebook page posted:  “As you already know the truck was found. From what we know so far, there doesn’t appear to be any signs of foul play. It looks like she got lost and then got stuck in the mud. Please DO NOT go to the site so the police can do their investigation without interference. Please share!

Anyone with information about Yeoman’s whereabouts is asked to call the Gridley Police Department at 530-846-5670.


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