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Dog of missing Oregon man returned home

Daniel Obert

Missing Person Oregon Danny Oberg

There are still searches going on for Danny.  Please go to “Lets Find Danny Oberg anyone is welcome to speak freely” Facebook page to learn more about upcoming searches.

Daniel Oberg

UPDATE:  5/6/17 – Although the media has reported that Daniel Oberg went camping, the family has said that Daniel’s camping equipment was found, but a couple of fishing poles were missing.  Daniels other dog was located.

Daniel Oberg

Kenneth Oberg posted on Lane County Sheriff’s Dept. Facebook page the following.  “He didn’t go camping all his camping things are here at home BUT HIS FISHING POLES ARE NOT HERE.”

Kenneth Oberg To all out there Daniel Oberg did not say that he saw going camping. He was seen last in sweet home. Safeway with two guys. The car was found on Tuesday morning in Marcola area.

More Information

Aliah Penfold Yes, that is correct his two friends were dropped off at a local mini mart. Their stories checked out and they have cooperated with detective from lane county. There was a small search party in the area were his car was found in Lane county ….some time after the family had a search in the Sweet Home Area. Also, there was belongings from his car found at the side of a turn off by Foster Lake. During that search there was an I’d found of a local Females. A transient a convicted felon stole the id from this search and returned it back to her. There was evidence at this search that Danny was in immediate Danger. linn county sheriff from what I understand has never done a search of this Area. Or Any Area for that matter . all searches of this Area have been conducted by family and few volunteers ….


And no Danny was not camping and Danny did tell his friends he dropped off at the mini mart he would get ahold of them later they were all supposed to hang out and they never heard from him Again. Oh and his cell phones last pings were in the general area his belongings were found in linn county.

Danny Oberg
Danny Oberg

Original story:  Daniel O’berg AKA as Danny Oberg, 28, is a missing person from Oregon.  He has been missing since April 23 from Sweet Home, Oregon states the Lane County Sheriff’s Dept.  Reports say, he was last seen at a Safeway with a friend. He was reported missing on the 25th after he did not return home.   Later his car was found stuck in mud off Marcola Road.  Personal belongings from his vehicle were found near a lake/dam off the main rd down a small turn off by a search party with a few family members and volunteers, according to Let’s Find Danny Oberg Facebook page.O’berg lives near Milepost 12 on Marcola Road.  On Wednesday one of his dogs returned home, reported New Era.  Another dog showed up on Monday, but took off before he could be retrieved.

More Information

A search of volunteers will be done at 1 p.m. on Saturday at Shotgun Creek near mile marker 13.

O’berg is a six-foot tall male weighing approximately 160 pounds with medium length hair and a short beard. He may have gone to the Quartzville Recreation Corridor in Linn County to camp.

If you have any information regarding Daniel O’berg, please call 541-682-4141.

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