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Missing baby last seen in bumble bee stroller in downtown Seattle

Charlotte Childress-Innburgia

UPDATE:  The bumble bee stroller was instrumental in finding baby Charlotte.  Police received a 911 call about a woman pushing a black and yellow bumble bee stroller in Queen Anne.  The police got to the location and found Charlotte who was safe. reported, “Detectives are currently interviewing a woman who was with Charlette, who is known to the girl’s mother.”  There was no explanation about what happened, and there are no criminal charges being made.

Original Story: There are early stories coming in regarding the circumstances around her disappearance.  KIRO 7 Graham Johnson stated that several people recognized the baby as belonging to a mother who has been sleeping on the streets of downtown.  One homeless woman stated she slept next to the mother and child last night.

There are some reports from the police that they are checking family members as she may be with them. Nothing is definitely known at this time and just pieces of information are coming in.

Charlotte was last seen wearing a blue shirt with a rainbow on it.

This story will be updated as more info comes in.


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