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Sacramento woman missing after chased down street by ex-boyfriend FOUND

UPDATE 5/11/17 – Aracely has been found.  Her son Jay received a phone call from his mother, who told he she was okay and safe and was with the Mexican officials.

“I got a phone call yesterday morning and it was her. She told me she was OK, she was safe, and that she was with a Mexican official,” he told FOX40.

Original story:  Aracely Zagoya, 43, is missing from Sacramento since Monday, May 8, 2017.

Authorities are searching for her after she was chased from the El Mirado Mexican Restaurant on 4591 Fruitridge Road to the street as she was trying to get away from her ex-boyfriend, Pedro Sanchez.  Aracely was was serving customers when Pedro walked up and threatened to hurt her and take her to Mexico, reports FOX40.  Sanchez repeated threats towards Aracely while he hit himself in the head with glass bottles, customers told the authorities.  Aracely got in her car to get away, but Pedro jumped into a car and chased after her, reported Aracely’s children.

Neither Pedro or Aracely have been seen since.

Aracely’s son, Jay Carrera is hopeful his mother will come home soon and posted on Facebook, “Mom I’m sorry I failed to protect you.”

Pedro Sanchez, (photo below) is about 5’10” and 250 lbs. and was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans.   Aracely is 5 feet tall,  brown eyes and hair to her upper back maybe in a pony tail.  Her car a 2011 charcoal gray Chevy Malibu with plate 6ZPE892 has 18 inch rims and missing hub caps, missing front license plate, and the front left light is out, so hi-beams may be used.

If you’ve seen her or her 2011 charcoal gray Chevy Malibu, please call the Sacramento police at (916) 264-5471.

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