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San Antonio mother states her children may be victims of car jacking

UPDATE 6/13/17 – The San Antonio police stated that they have determined that Hueitt gave false names and the two children are not missing.  They have not stated whether they existed or not.

Original story:  Two children, Lena Reane, 2, and Mailayiah Reane, 4, are missing from San Antonio, Texas, and according to their mother were taken when her car was stolen.   This story is still developing.  The mother, Sabrina Hueiitt, 19, of the two missing children told the police that on Tuesday around 3 a.m. that her car was stolen with her kids inside in the 700 block of South W.W. White Road where she had gone to meet someone.  While talking to the man, another guy in a red hoodie and black pants pointed a gun at her and stole her vehicle, police said reports KSAT news.  Authorities during their investigation found her car at an apartment complex in the 3700 block of E. Commerce Street, after receiving a description of the man she said took her car.  The children were not in the car.

The police have stated that Hueiitt’s story has changed and as of Tuesday afternoon, she is not even sure the children were with her when she went to meet the man.  Police believe the Hueiitt may have been under the influence of alcohol or narcotics during the event.

SAPD Sgt. Jesse Salame stated that there was no car seats found in the car that would have indicated the children were in the car. Now the police are wondering if the children even existed as no one has ever seen Hueiitt with children.

During the investigation, police detained two teens, it is unknown, at this writing,  if they are involved with the disappearance of the two children or the carjacking.



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