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Montana senior buys car and goes missing FOUND

UPDATE 7/26/17 – Mandi posted her dad has been found safe.

Original story:  Ron Clark has been missing since July 17, 2017.  He left his home in Montana and was last seen in Black Duck, Minnesota.  He may be driving a black Buick Rendezvous with Minnesota plates.  Mandi stated she does not know the plates of the car because he bought it from a private owner, just before he went missing.  Ron has been out of contact with his  family for over a week, and that is unusual.  Calls are going straight to voice mail.    The last bit of information is that he may be in Colorado.

His daughter, Mandi has posted:  “He may or may not be driving a black Buick rendezvous with MN plates. His cell phone was pinged by the police and hit in Kalispell, Montana on 7/21/17. I have been in contact with law enforcement there; a 2nd ping to his phone places him in Craig, Colorado at 11:34 am today. Assuming he has the phone, he’s left Montana. He hasn’t contacted anyone, which is concerning. Special thanks to officer Clarke in Montana. We are trying to confirm if the sightings in Kalispell were actually him. I have hope tonight, thanks to all of you. If you know people in Colorado–you know what to do.”

Ron has some major medical issues and recently moved back to the area of Duluth, but still has his home in the Virginia area. Right now no one knows if he is confused or driving or walking or possible hitchhiking as one person stated they picked him up in Missoula.  That last information is being confirmed.  Ron is 6 feet tall and very slender. Please share and if you see him and contact the Montana or Colorado police.


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