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Burned remains may belong to missing Missouri teen FOUND

UPDATE 8/21/17 (Evening)- Ozark County Prosecutor John Garrabrant said Rebecca Ruud was charged Tuesday with first- and second-degree murder in the killing of Savannah Leckie.

Leckie’s adoptive parents, Tamile Montague of Minneapolis and David Leckie of Park Rapids, had little doubt that the remains would be anyone but their adopted daughter, reports the Star Tribune.

“Our family is in deep grief and is mourning Savannah as her remains were identified [Monday],” Montague said in a statement released late Tuesday morning through the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center. “This is not the outcome that we were hoping and praying for.”

UPDATE 8/21/17 – The remains found have been identified to belong to Savannah.  

The authorities are naming Rebecca Rudd and Robert Peat, Jr. (Rebecca’s husband as on Aug. 4) as suspects. There have been no arrests at this time.  Documents submitted to court have revealed that Savannah may have been abused.  According to Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend he saw Rebecca discipline Savannah by forcing her to crawl through a hog pen, then bathe in a pond, reports KY3.  Also, Savannah lived in a small trailer, while Rebecca and Robert lived in a 1800 sq. ft. house.  It is upsetting to think that at least one person knew what was happening to Savannah, but never bothered to report it to police.

Original Story:  Burned human remains found in Ozark County, may belong to a teen who has been missing since July 20, 2017.  

Savannah Leckie was reported missing on July 25 by her family from their home in Longrun, Missouri, on County Road 905, just north of Ocie and U.S. 160 near the Taney County line.  They stated she left in the middle of the night taking some of her personal belongings.  Her mother, Rebecca Ruud told police that when she got up on the morning of July 20, Savannah was gone, reports the Ozark County Times.

Authorities searched for her over the weeks and came upon burned remains on Aug. 4 about 400 yards from where Savannah lived. 

The police will rely on the coroner to make a positive identification.   The police chief stated that the remains were burned multiple times, even in a brush pile, and someone went to great lengths to dispose of the body.

Savannah Leckie (family photo provided by Ozark County Sheriff’s Department)

Savannah’s aunt Lisa Orn told the Times Tuesday that although Ruud is Savannah’s biological mother, the girl had been adopted at birth by Lisa’s sister, Tamile, and had lived in Minnesota with that family until last year.

Facebook – Savannah and Rebecca Ruud

Rebecca has been posted a lot of social media and her latest post on Aug. 4th stated:

“Edited to add that I have started a gofundme page for attorneys fees. About donations not needed towards attorneys fees will go towards a reward for information on my missing daughter.  I am being detained by law enforcement on my own property without charges filed against against me.  They denied me permission to use the bathroom, and I wet myself. Now I am waiting for permission to clean up, but I am forced to sit in it until then. I need an attorney, but I cannot afford one.”  (Below the text is a photo of a woman in wet sweat pants.)

Paula Locke posted:  “Yeah kind of suspicious that the daughter disappeared July 19th, the neighbor helped her search the farm…which turned nothing up…but then on the 20th, she has some bad burns on her arm….quite suspicious and the cops have every right to be searching the house….guess she needs to go buy some depends so she don’t pee her panties…lmao.”



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