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Have you seen Richie Anderson? Last seen in Oakland

Richie Anderson has gone missing in Oakland, California.  His friends state that he said he was going to stay in Oakland, but not specifically where.  There has been no contact from him, so his family and friends are trying to locate him.

Richie is originally from Greenisland.  He moved to California but after June no one has heard from him.

Ashley James posted:  “Our dear friend Richie Anderson has been missing from San Francisco/Oakland, CA since early June. He was last seen in San Francisco, but had said he was staying somewhere in Oakland. We’ve also had leads say they saw someone like him in Morgan Hill so he could be anywhere. If you recognize him and have any details you could share, we would be so appreciative. It’s not like him to not get in contact for this amount of time and his family in Ireland are so worried. We just want to make sure he’s okay. He’s 6’1″, 145lbs pretty thin, blue eyes, mid-long brown hair, sweet smile, funky smile often wears a think black bracelet on left wrist, and IRISH ACCENT, loves to draw, skateboard, and play guitar. Please help us find our friend!”

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