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Justin Day missing from Earp, California FOUND

Missing Person California Justin Day

UPDATE 1/29/18 – The Justin Day Facebook Page has posted that Justin’s remains were found and identified:

“With great sadness it has been confirmed by the Imperial County Coroner today, the human remains found last week are those of our sweet Justin. The case is still under investigation, and, at this point we don’t know anything yet. Thank you for all your love and support.”

Justin Day went missing close to where Sandy Giles went missing.


Help Find Justin Day’s Facebook page posted:

“With information obtained from Law Enforcement regarding his last cellular ping his father and sister Holley headed out to search the area around the cell tower in Imperial County. While searching the campgrounds and surrounding areas a local man had approached them asking if they were lost and needed help. When they explained about Justin missing and gave the description of his truck, the man knew exactly where the truck was. He had seen it several times abandoned off the road about a mile into the desert.  They hiked in the mile in the 110-degree weather, the truck was there. The window was open and there was nothing in the car at all except a bag from Jack in the Box. Law Enforcement was called out to the scene, they searched the truck. His truck did not appear to have been off -roading. Emotions are running high for all as we just need to find Justin.

Original Post

Justin Day was last seen (correction from sister) heard in the house by his friend on July 15, 2017 at Big River, Earp, Ca.  He was driving his 2005 black Toyota Tacoma 4 door truck with plates 68332J1 . His family saw him in Menifee, Calif. on July 10, 2017.

:Back on May 13, 2017 Sandy Giles  went missing in Earp and her car was found abandoned there.

Justin is 5’8″ tall, 140 pounds with blond hair and brown eyes.  He has a Mad Sun on his upper left arm.  He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

If you have seen or have any information about the disappearance of Justin Day, please contact Needles Sheriff Department, Detective Preston at 760-326-9200, or e-mail information to, you can also contact his missing Facebook page at Help Find Justin Day.

Justin Day
Justin Day

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