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93-year-old man may be lost in woods of Idaho FOUND

According to his grandchild, Vern has been located and is safe.

Vern Wood, 93, is missing from Rupert, Idaho.  He left before noon on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017 in his black Ford Expedition and has not been seen since.

Jacob Wood shared that the family believes he may be lost in the mountains.

“Memory is pretty faded. He may be in side of the road. May be stranded. Has bad knees,” posted Jacob.

HIs family also stated he liked to go to the City of Rocks.

They are asking for volunteers to help search and you can contact Bishop Layne Mackey at 208-670-4594.  So far the search has been done in Minidoka county and parts of Cassia county.  Aerial searches have also taken place.

Vern Wood, Facebook


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