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Junior Lee McCormick: Missing Fort Smith Man Last Seen at Bar

Junior Lee McCormick, 26, was last seen on July 14, 2001, walking away from Perry’s Place, in Arkansas. states, “McCormick was last seen by two(2) subjects leaving an area called Perry’s Place on foot and has not been seen since. Threat was possibly made on missing person’s life at the date of disappearance. He has not been heard from since.”

“Most of the people that we thought maybe had some involvement in it were interviewed, and of course, they didn’t have any involvement in it,” Detective Steve Mahan told the SW Times.  “At that point in time, there was nothing really left to go on because, obviously, we don’t have a body to look at or anything like that.”

Although foul play is suspected, without a body it’s hard to determine who, if anyone, played a part in McCormick’s disappearance, Detective Steve Mahan told the SWTimes.

Junior is 5’9″ tall, 150 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes with a tattoo of a bulldog on his chest.

Anyone with information on the disappearance of Junior Lee McCormick can call the Fort Smith Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division at (479) 709-5116, or email

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