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Seal Team 3 veteran missing from San Diego FOUND

UPDTE 9/16/17 – More information has come out that friends had been in contact with John.

UPDATE 9/14/17 –  Fox 5 news is reporting that John has been found.  But, this is being handled differently than any other missing case I have seen.  The SDPD is saying they received a phone call from a man who said he was with John in Los Angeles.  Investigators confirmed the report, but then they follow with stating John’s location is not know, but they no longer believe he is missing.  This sounds as though John doesn’t not want to reveal his location, which he can do, but it does not state whether authorities have physically seen him, which has alway been the norm.

A friend of John’s, Ron Lee posted:  “We have no information to support the assertion that he has been found and is safe. The San Diego Police Department is issuing that statement, but they have not verified to anyone in his family or his circle of friends that he is OK. He still has not contacted anyone at all.”

John does not have to contact anyone, but my concern is did the authorities verify that he was physically okay and just didn’t take  the person on the phone’s word for it.

UPDATE:  New information has come out.  On Aug. 31, Surmont texted his ex-wife and said he was in a rough place in LA. On Sept. 3, police found Surmont’s car in La Jolla.

 John Surmont went missing from San Diego, California on September 6, 2017.  John served as a SEAL Team 3 member.  Many on social media are posting about his disappearance and are asking for help to find him.

A post on Military Warriors Support Foundation read:

“EMERGENCY!!! SEAL Team 3 member is currently missing. Last seen in San Diego, California. Name is John Surmont. His home was searched, he left his dogs and his phone is turned off. There have been no communications. This is an all call to help one of our brothers in need. If anyone spots him, please call the San Diego Police Department (619)531-2000.”

Becky McGinnis, John’s girlfriend posted Friday, Sep 8, 2017 that John had been gone almost a week and she had filed a missing person report.

John Mac posted:

 “Folks I’m looking for a SEAL Team friend John Surmont who might be missing and who has been off the grid for a week now as of 2300 on September 6 in Southern California. please forward this far and wide and contact me if you have any info on John Surmont EVEN if you need me to keep it in the strictest confidence. May be in the San Diego or Los Angeles area. May be without ID and appear disoriented. Please if you live in California, forward this to your page and share share share. Hooyah! John Mac”

If you see John, please contact the San Diego Police Dept. at 619-531-2000.

Army Veteran Julia Jacobson also went missing from San Diego on Sept. 2, 2017.



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