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Celina Mays is only 12 and pregnant when she disappears in 1996 from New Jersey

Celina Mays, 12, was last seen at her home in Willingboro, New Jersey on December 16, 1996. Mays was reported missing on December 16, 1996 from her residence in Willingboro. “At the time of her disappearance she was 12yrs old and approximately 9 months pregnant,” reports the Willingboro Township Police. Although Celina was only 12 at the time she was working as an accountant at her church and was 9 months pregnant.  She was living with family and told her cousin, “thanks for everything.” before she went to bed after dinner.  The new morning her family found in her bed a pillow with a blanket over it and Celina gone, reports the Charley Project.  She had taken a few things and left the rest behind.

There is finger pointing from both sides of the family.  The mother’s side believe the father’s side took her and vice versa.  The father of her baby is unknown, and the information she told her doctor was that the father was 16.  Read more here.

Celina’s mother’s left her a life insurance policy of $50K.  It has not been claimed.


The enhanced photo (right) shows how she may look today at the age of 33. The photo on the left is how she looked in 1996. If anyone has any information regarding her disappearance or her whereabouts please contact the Willingboro Police Department at (609) 877-3001 or the Citizen Tip Hotline at (609) 877-6958.

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