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$30,000 reward offered to find missing Nancy Paulikas FOUND

On December 26, 2018 the authorities stated a skull found on a mountainside has been confirmed to belong to Nancy Paulikas.  The partial skull was found at Fossil Ridge Park in 2017 during a brush fire.  In 2018 rib bones were also found.  The park is about 12 miles away from the Museum where she was at with her family.

DNA testing showed a positive match.

Kirk Moody, Nancy’s husband posted on social media, “

“I heard from the police today that they have identified a skull and some ribs as positively matching Nancy’s DNA.  Her remains were found in a remote area around Los Angeles. Thank you all for you continued interest,” he said.

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Nancy Paulikas developed early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease and has been losing cognitive function for several years. She went missing Oct 15, 2016 while visiting LACMA with family.

Paulikas, 56, was last seen about 2:35 p.m. Oct. 15, 2016 at Los Angeles Museum of Arts where she became separated from family members. Five security cameras captured her a short time later walking west on Wilshire Boulevard and then south on McCarthy Vista.

She is described as white, 5 feet 7 inches tall and 140 pounds, with a thin build, grayish brown hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing a red, long-sleeve blouse with a white pattern, blue jeans, glasses and navy blue sneakers.

Paulikas has difficulty communicating and may have removed a medical alert bracelet with her name and phone number. She was not carrying a phone, identification or cash at the time of her disappearance.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Detective Mike Rosenberger of the Manhattan Beach Police Department at 310-802-5140 or a tip line at 310-650-7965.

Nancy is Missing Facebook Page

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Jerrie Dean, who is retired from Federal Law Enforcement, is the Founder of Missing Persons of America and Missing Texas Forty.

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