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Baby goes missing 19 years ago after mother was murdered

Missing Person Virginia Allyson Dalton

On July 27, 1998, Sylena Jo Dalton, 20, was found stabbed to death on a couch inside her apartment in the 100 block of Charles Street in Strasburg, Virginia. Her daughter, Allyson Dalton, who was only 2 months old was missing.

The police investigation stated they believe Sylena was killed around 9:15 am. to 10:30 a.m. on July 27. They also noticed there were several baby bottles gone, leading them to believe that someone took Allyson.

“Since the beginning of this case 19 years ago, it has been a challenging one because of the complexities of it involving both a homicide and an infant disappearing without a trace,” Capt. Gary Wilson, commander of the state police Culpeper Field Office, said in a statement. “We believe little Allyson was abducted by whoever murdered her mother.”

It is possible that Allyson could be alive and well but does not know that she is a missing person.

WHSV reports, “Christopher Borba, a private investigator in Roanoke, has taken on the case, hoping to get new leads and closure for the family.

‘We recently developed (and) found out that there was a person that lived underneath the apartment when it happened,” Bolba said. (They) heard a noise, whatever it was it was loud enough (that) it caught their attention and the guy looked outside (and) saw a white male placing a baby in the passenger seat of a truck.'”

Daniel E. Pompell is the “probable” father of Allyson, according to state papers that Sylena filed.  The police have stated they have spoken with him and he said he had gone by the apartment on July 27 and when no one answered he left.  The Strasburg Police Dept. stated that Mr. Pompell, as well as others, remain a part of the investigation as police continue to collect information and confer with the Commonwealth’s Attorney.


An age progressed photo of Allyson at the age of 19 has been released.  If you have any information call the state police at 1-888-300-0156 or by dialing #77 on a cell phone or by email at or leave an anonymous tip here.

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