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Enrique Garibay Ruiz travels to Los Angeles from Hungary and disappears

Enrique Garibay Ruiz, 51, went missing on September 17, 2017 while traveling to the USA to visit “fellow scientists.”  On Oct. 6, he disappeared and has made no contact with his family.   He was last seen around 1 p.m. on Oct. 5 in the 600 block of N. Western Avenue in Los Angeles.

His wife posted on a Go Fund Me Page:

“My name is Erika, I’m a 50-year old Hungarian mother with two teenager children looking for my husband who went missing in the USA. Enrique Garibay Ruiz is Mexican-Spanish, we met and fell in love while he was studying in Hungary in the University of Debrecen. He obtained his PhD degree in Physics at Brandeis University and after that we moved to Mexico and spent 9 years there. We moved home to Hungary in 2010 because we wanted to be close to my aging parents. Enrique had been working as a freelancer scientist writing some books. On the day of the 17th of September he travelled to the USA with the purpose of visiting some fellow scientists, friends but on the 6th of October he disappeared. Since then we haven’t had any contact with him. We are deeply worried about his health and safety. The police is looking for him, he is now registered as a missing person. Please help me to find my loving husband, adored father of my two children! Enrique is a kind, giving person, a real bookworm, speaks 4 languages, he is very intelligent, deeply catholic, religious. We miss him so much! Not having any news about him is the hardest, the most unbearable thing I have ever had to endure.”

Enrique is 5’9″, 190 pounds with grey hair and brown eyes.
If you have any information to his whereabouts, please call the LAPD at 213-996-1808.

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