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Heather Teague missing from Kentucky since 1995; mother wins appeal over records and 911 tape

Heather Teague went missing on Aug. 26, 1995 from Spottsville, Kentucky.  She was alone sunbathing on Newburgh Beach in Henderson County across the Ohio River from Newburgh.

A Newburgh man, Tim Walthall, who just happened to be looking at the beach across the river with his telescope, told police he saw a “shirtless, bushy-haired man with a beard and a gun dragging a woman into the woods.

The police searched the area and only found part of Heather’s bathing suit.  A red Ford Bronco was captured on tape along with Heather’s car, by a farmer who was making a video in the area investigating farm vandalism.

Six months before Heather’s disappearance, in February 1995, a man named Marvin “Marty” Dill was pulled over by the police during a traffic stop.  They found duct tape, rubber gloves, knives and guns in his car.  The truck had bloodstains on the inside tail gate.

After Heather’s disappearance, police made the connection between Dill and the Ford Bronco and the traffic stop.  In August, the police came to Dill’s home with a search warrant and before they could get to him, Marty committed suicide by gun.  (The FBI document below states that Marvin “allegedly” committed suicide.)  With Marty’s suicide you would think he must have been guilty, but maybe not.  Marty had been in trouble with the police for most of his life and maybe he thought they were after him for something else.

Sarah Teague, Heather’s mother told the Courier Press in 2014 that there was one thing that haunts her the most.  It is a photo of Dill and a composite sketch of the man said to have been seen dragging Heather.

The photo of Dill taken a month before Heather’s abduction shows him with a clean-shaven face and head, completely opposite of the composite sketch of the man with a bushy hair and a beard.  Was it possible for Dill to grow a full head of hair and a beard in a month?  Maybe a beard, but unlikely a full head of hair.  But, The Charley Project mentions that there was a report that the man was wearing a wig and a mosquito net.  Could Dill had put on a wig?

Sarah posted on her Facebook page, “An eyewitness, a millionaire, watched thru his high-powered telescope to see a man with dark, bushy hair and a beard, 6 ‘ 210 drag our heather into the woods. Dill? he was 5/8 170 and BALD. NO…he didn’t cut his hair with scissors as the eyewitness claims. He had been bald for months. Why does the former Captain of KSP still not admit that Dill was framed and blamed for Heather’s alleged abduction. You know what his words were when I sent him the jail records which boldly state: BALD……….’that could have meant brown’. Even with a picture from his mom and a statement from his mom showing Dill as being BALD…..The jail records were made on April 25…Heather’s birthday……FBI came to my home 2005 to tell me to get an attorney. they also wanted heather’s case to go federal. Whatever they have hidden IS revealed. They might as well tell us the truth.”

Sarah also said that Walthall said, he went to the morgue and identified Marty as being the one he saw, and says the back of Marty’s head was blown away. Sarah told MPofA that there was no exit wound according to the autopsy report.

There are more discrepancies.

Sarah Teague believes the sketch was not taken exclusively from the witness but also from Dill’s driver’s license picture.  The police state that the sketch was based on the witness account only.  Sarah stated that if the witness was looking through a telescope a mile away would he be able to see face details?

Sarah says there was another suspect identified in 2004, Christopher Below.  He is currently in prison in Ohio for manslaughter of his girlfriend.  Just like Heather, her body has never been found.  He is a suspected in three other missing woman cases.  Detective Thomas told Newswatch in 2006, “The Heather Teague case was interesting because, a) He’s from the area. I was able to establish a time frame that he was in that area at the time and that shortly after her disappearance, he left the state of Kentucky.”  Thomas called Below a pathological liar, a sociopath, and an extreme manipulator.  Below was in the area and left town after Heather came up missing.  Thomas said that Below was a truck driver and there may be other victims.  Any hopes of finding any leads or pursuing Sarah’s hunch was quickly dashed, when Christopher said he would not talk about it.  The police also have theorized that maybe Dill and Below were working together.

Just yesterday, November 7, 2017, a Judge ordered the police to release the chain of custody documents and the 911 call to her mother and her lawyer, reports the Courier Press.

Sarah stated she heard a different 911 call in 2008 than the one she heard in 2016, and the chain of custody records will help them to understand why.

A video showing the Bronco showing a suspect that was shown on TV, still has not been released by the police.

The below video has Sarah speaking about all the discrepancies with her daughter’s case.

FBI uses the word “Allegedly” in regards to Dill’s suicide.
FBI file states: ‘Strong possibility of a drug/prostitution ( strip club)/public corruption link to Heather Teague’s abduction.
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